Monday, May 11, 2009

Taking a break

You might have to click on the photos and enlarge them to see what they really are, down underneath! Monty and I went to downtown Houston on Saturday for the Art Car Parade. It was quite the site. The parade lasted a full hour and one after another they came by, some causing heads to turn and wonder what was really underneath it all. We had a great time but the sun and temps of over 90 made the long walk back to the car a bit tough!
This week we are taking a break. After the convention and outreach last week Mercy Response had already pre-planned and closed the camp for this week. I have mentioned before that they have a policy that all long term volunteers are to take a week off every quarter. This is our week! We didn't want to drive for a long distance so we just drove to Galveston and will be staying here for the week. Nothing planned except some much needed rest! We might take a walk? We might find our way to the water? And we might just do nothing? The main activity will be doing just what Jesus did when He got tired . . . rested!
Mother's Day was nice, I got a phone call from each of my children. It's always good to hear from them and know they are doing okay. We also spoke with each of our mothers and are happy to know they are also doing fine. Being so far from all of them, and our grandchildren, can be tough on holidays that are usually spent with family!
Just a quick update on Hai . . . I talked with her Saturday night and she is doing what she always does -- move forward. She has a friend who will be installing her sink and doing some kitchen touch ups. She herself has finished the tile grouting and sealing and will be ready for us to return next week and hopefully get most everything done and move closer to getting her moved in. She also has someone who is looking at the air conditioning system and might be able to do the work. Pray that we get the volunteers we need to get not only her home done but Marie's as well.
As we take this break this week we ask for your prayers, prayers for the rest we need, prayers for the re - energizing we need to continue in God's calling. As the temps rise along with the humidity it can get tough working construction. Pray for teams to continue to come and help those who are still suffering such loss. Pray for the families to know God's direction and love for them.
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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