Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Only hours away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hours are flying by, they are turning into days and each day draws us nearer to tomorrow!!!

I have to begin with the awesome blessing we have -- our home Pastor (Dave) is here with us for the conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing thing that is for Monty and I!! He has never been able to come anyplace where we are working and having him here -- at this time -- is God's perfect timing! We picked him up at the airport yesterday morning and then returned to pick up his friend from Evansville, IN who also came for the conference. We had some time to talk and be filled up and it is awesome to see him every day! Lisa -- we sure would like to keep him a few days longer!!!???

Yesterday was spent getting people and things back and forth between here and Galveston. It was a super busy day and it ended with the beginning of the convention. What an amazing beginning! It opened in the evening with worship and the guest speaker, Burt Wagoner, the head of the Vineyard. He had an amazing message and we all left feeling filled up.

This morning started bright and early with heading back to Galveston for the morning session, complete with worship. We had a woman guest speaker who brought us all to some much needed realization and received a standing ovation -- despite stepping on all our toes!

From there it was direct to the outreach team leaders meeting and then to the site to continue the preparations. The tents were going up, the kitchen area and stage being created, table and chairs being set up, orange fencing being put up -- you name it and it's happening. The city is starting to take notice and the more they notice the more will be there. I didn't have my camera with me today but sure will tomorrow!

After numerous trips back and forth we were back and had a whole hour to prepare ourselves for a dinner invite from the Convoy of Hope guys who were in town. They are such wonderful friends and family and we always enjoy seeing them and getting to spend time with them! Each one is a mountain of wisdom and we love soaking up all we can. They will be heading home tomorrow and we will miss them so much!

Today was also a big day -- the power was turned on at Marie's house!!!!!!!!!!!! We only have a few things to finish up the punch list and she will be able to turn on her lights! The second part of the big day was receiving the funding to purchase the appliances for Khanh and his family!!!!! They will be delivered on Thursday and I am hoping to be able to be there when the Lowes truck pulls up! Maybe we can even have Pastor Dave with us!!??

Tomorrow we will all be up earlier than usual and headed to the outreach. Even though it doesn't begin until 2pm there is much to be done and we are excited to see what God has in store for everyone. Be sure and stay tuned to see for yourself. I may be so exhausted that there will only be pictures but will do my best to let you see for yourself.

Please keep all of us in your prayers. The temps are to be in the low 90's and that is quite warm! Please pray for the community that they will come for the food and leave with the Bread of Life!

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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