Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ta - Da, kitchen and bath

Marie's house is changing by the minute. She is getting a bathroom that looks like a bathroom and a kitchen that also just might be able to be used as a kitchen!! And she smiles, praises God, thanks the teams and works in her yard and garden -- all with the love of Jesus in her heart! The team is working hard, spending days in the attic in not so cool temps just to make sure her attic is insulated and her electric bills will stay low. They don't complain about the sweat dripping from their brows, they just do the work. The women learn how to cut and hang sheetrock and anything else that needs done.
The rest of their team along with Gregg, Pam and Phillip are working away at getting Benjamin and Rita's floors all tiled. Another week of spending all their time on their knees and all they do is smile as they tell about their day!
Our world changes by the minute . . . all for the good and each step we see God's hand directing us. I would like to send Him a watch or something as His timing isn't quite like ours! :)
He is all powerful and continues to just "bless our socks off."
We will need to be off line for a couple three days while in some transition so please make sure you stay tuned.
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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