Friday, May 08, 2009

Thanks Pastor Dave

The amazing black widow spider that welcomed us yesterday morning -- she's one of quite a few Monty has found around here! Beautifu -- but -- now dead!
You can see Khanh and his wife in front of their brand new refrigerator!!!! Behind them is the stove and beside them is their washer and dryer. The bath vanity cabinet was broken so Lowes will be returning with another one next week, complete with sink and faucet set. Khanh was nearly beside himself trying to express his appreciation! He can now head to Louisiana to get some shrimping done and hopefully bring in some income to support his family! It was especially nice as Pastor Dave was with us when we stopped by!
Yes, the convention is now over and I returned Pastor Dave and Pastor Jeff to the airport this morning. It was with a blessed yet heavy heart that I drove them there. Blessed because of the amazing blessing Pastor Dave was for us while he was here. Blessed that we could spend some time with him, take him on a tour of the San Leon area and let him see first hand what God is doing there! Heavy hearted because he had to return home. As you well know, it's always extremely difficult for us to say goodbye to people from home, but this was worse. Pastor Dave may be our Pastor but he is also our deepest friend! We are so thankful to those who made it possible for him to come and be here at a time when we really needed him! YOU know who you are!!! :)
The convention is done. The cleanup from the outreach is 99% done. The trailers, the vehicles, the smoker, the pots, the pans, the tents, the coolers, the mess and everything else that went with it are now back at camp and will be sorted through at another time!
This evening we celebrated Marty's birthday with a nice dinner out, complete with the wait staff singing happy birthday.
This evening we all try and get a bit of rest.
This evening we miss Pastor Dave!
Until next time . . . be blessed . . . and thanks to Lisa for sharing him with us! Susan and Monty

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