Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brain Overload

It might be one of those nights where sleep is difficult to come by.

There are so many things running through my head that my brain will not shut off long enough for my eyes to close. So . . . I will write. . .

The past couple of days have literally flown by. Yesterday began with our weekly case management meeting where FEMA came and told us about a new website created for the clients to be able to use to track their own information. It's an awesome site and should be extremely helpful to all. From there I presented another case for funding and was approved. Benjamin and Rita in Galveston will be relieved that now their house can definitely be completed! Thanks Long Term Recovery!

After the meeting we headed off to have a luncheon meeting with Pastor Bob and his secretary, Dana. We had alot of things to go over as they would like for Monty and I to run their incoming teams over the next weeks. Goodness knows we have plenty of work for them and getting it lined up will be a pleasure. The homeowners will be thrilled to have the volunteers come in and bring them another step closer to completion -- some might get all the way there!

The afternoon brought a flurry of phone calls and another chiropractic visit for Monty. Seems he really messed his back up this time and the xrays showed some twists and turns that just aren't supposed to be there!

We were called to go and look at a home in Galveston that needs to be completed in less than 2 weeks. There is a huge event coming to town and as the details come about I'll be sure and let you know. Not a single one of you will want to miss it! Anyway, this family has 5 children, most of them are not biological. They have worked miracles in the lives of these children and yet are still trying to get back into their quite small home. We made a visit and weren't able to meet the homeowners but did meet their "angel" Carissa. She has nearly single handedly done all the work to date and had a smile from ear to ear when we told her we were going to partner up and go for additional funds and help! These people have been such an enormous blessing to these children it's the least we can do!

We also received a phone call asking the both of us to complete 4 home estimates as soon as possible. These homes already have funding behind them but need a materials listing. A local church has committed to sending their volunteers to complete the work but they need to know materials for each. Not a problem, we're to meet with the Pastor next week and will get the estimates done and typed up as soon as possible after that.

Before we realized it we saw the sun setting over the water and realized our day was done. Where did it all go?

This morning we started out with me going to the dentist. Seems one of my fillings has decided it has remained in my mouth long enough and would like to leave -- in bits and pieces! Finding a dentist isn't the easiest thing to do. But I did locate one not too far away and when he heard about our calling he decided to not charge me for the xrays and exam. But I now need that filling replaced and even with a discount it's going to cost a bit . . . it will wait for awhile!

From there we headed into town to pick up my truck that has been in the shop all week. Come to find out the fuel pump was done - along with a couple of other things. OUCH!! But thanks to Austin going over everything it is now running smoothly and I am not concerned about getting stranded along side the road somewhere.

After that stop we headed to another home visit. Art had been referred to us through Victor. Art is a Vietnam Vet and suffers from post traumatic stress and will be entering the hospital in July. He will need to stay a couple of months and would like to see his house a bit farther along before he leaves. He had to remove his old home and build new. This one is raised quite high off the ground and is dried in but needs everything inside. We once again gathered all his paperwork and he will make a materials listing for us to use as our estimate and I will head to the Long Term Recovery to request funds. Art had quite the smile on his face at the thought of not only getting his materials but also some extra volunteer hands to help him with the labor!

As we were heading back we stopped by Paul and Linda's. They already had their paperwork in order and all we need is the estimate to go with it all. That will come next week and here we go again for funding.

If you have lost count --- I have 9 families that just might be ready to be taken to the funding request table next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pray for all of them!

After those visits we headed back into Galveston to actually meet Doug and AJ, the house needing done in less than 3 weeks. We got to meet some of the children and watch them participate by painting their bedroom walls! It was quite the site and to some might have seemed like chaos but to us it seemed like music! We look forward to working with them and getting to know them better.

And then it was evening . . . and emails were stacked up, phone calls still coming in and more notes needing taken to get my own mind in order.

God may have released us in one capacity but He stepped things up and opened a brand new door in another! It's awesome for Monty and I to be working together again, side by side, doing what God called us to do. The energy is flowing back and forth between us again and God is showing up and showing out like never before! He has opened opportunities, He has strengthened His call on our lives and we feel alive and ready to take yet another step out in faith, knowing He is right there and actually walking in front of us paving the way. Will it be easy? Not in some ways. Will it be awesome? You bet! Far more awesome than we can possibly imagine! He's already given us glimpses -- we don't need any more than that!

We're on a journey and it's amazing!

All the while this is going on our house in Indiana has sold. We can't even get the time to go and sort through our things. The homeowners are doing it for us via garage sales, outright sales and donations of what doesn't sell. They even want to put up posters at the garage sales to let everyone know where their dollars will go and how they will be used. I am still trying to locate a storage unit where the new owners can take what few things we are keeping. I should know alot more on Monday. In the meantime we have them sorting through our things and yes, it feels a bit weird. But God has spoken to us to let us know that all is well and He has it all under control. Boy am I glad of that!

What an amazing journey . . . and another chapter is opening wide!

Be sure and keep tuned in . . . every hour brings another page!

Until next time . . . be blessed in all you do. Susan and Monty
PS I wonder if I can sleep now??

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