Thursday, May 07, 2009


From the beginning of set up -- very early in the morning -- to the take down and clean up --late in the evening -- the day was phenominal!!!!
The pictures can't even give you the full scope of all that happened. The not so final tally --- over 850 volunteer workers, over 2500 people from the community that attended, over 900 prayed for and 11 that gave their heart to the Lord while there!!! Not bad for a 4 hour event!!! God showed up and showed out big time!!
From the blessed welcome to the free groceries, to the meal of BBQ pork loin and jambalya and salad and rolls and brownies and drinks to the free haircuts to the free family portraits to the kids zone with more games and toys that Disney World (almost) to the prayer tent to the free health screens to the community service tent that offered free legal advise --- it was incredible and more than busy!
Some came and got some free things and left, others stayed the whole time, and still others were coming in after we had completely torn it all down and were trying to head home!
The faces tell the story -- everyone smiling, even through the over 90 degree temps and sun bearing down on us!
We are so thankful to the Vineyard Churches for their participation. This is the week of their National Conference and they all came and spent a day serving others in one of the most practical ways possible -- just love on them and pray with them and smile!
We thank Convoy of Hope for coming and guiding us all through this amazing outreach! They do around 50 of these a year, all throughout and not only in disaster areas! What a blessing to all they touch!
Today is the final day of the conference. Monty and I are choosing to miss this mornings session (this blog needed to get out and my feet need a rest) but we will be picking up our own Pastor Dave for lunch and taking him on a tour of the San Leon area where we have been doing the most work. We will all gather for the final session of the conference this evening.
Today is also the day Lowes will be delivering the appliance to Khanh -- who was in tears when I made the phone call to let him know today was the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"This is the day the Lord has made, let us REJOICE and be glad in it."
Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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