Sunday, May 24, 2009

Special Prayers

It's been quite the stormy day around here. It all started during church and continued off and on throughout the afternoon and evenings. Storms are always a special adventure when you live in a camper trailer! :)

This morning we attended San Leon Community Church and it was awesome to see so many friendly faces. Mercy was there, Clarice with her daughter and granddaughter, Jeannie, Richard and Peggy, Mr Carl (Hai's neighbor) and his wife Brenda, Terri and so many other faces we know and have grown to love.

I have a couple of very special prayer requests this evening. First is Richard and Peggy. His emphazema is causing more and more difficulty with breathing. He has only been able to work sporadically and even that is tough. Peggy slipped on their bathroom tile floors and dislocated her shoulder so it's now in a sling and making daily tasks quite tough.

The second request is for Terri. She has decided to put the rest of rebuilding her home on hold as her health problems have escalated. She has an artery blockage in her neck, trouble with leg veins and heart problems that have all occurred along with her other health problems. She was in tears as she spoke with us. She feels she needs to "put her affairs in order" and put the house on hold. It was tough to hear but understandable.

Both of these homeowners need our prayers for healing, for strength and for comfort. When we are our weakest God is at His strongest and that strength is what they need right now. I know the strength of all of your prayers and thank you ahead of time for them.

Be blessed over this holiday weekend and let us remember to pray special blessings on all of our military who have, and continue, to make it possible for all of us to enjoy our freedoms!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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