Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Birthday Fish

Yes, there was actually some time to sit back and fish over this weekend!

Wonders never cease!

And NO, there is not a photo of the one that I caught -- the one that got away!

As we headed out to fish at one of our homeowner's homes who has been telling us for weeks to come and fish -- I kept telling Monty that my "birthday fish" was on his way! He didn't really take me too seriously but I knew. Sure enough, after being there for awhile and catching a few fish I caught "the big one" in the literal sense!! A SHARK!!! Yes, a gray sand shark that was close to 3 feet long! And the funniest thing was that although Monty had my pole rigged with a double hook rig, I caught the thing with neither hook! I lassoed him!! Yes, he managed to get the entire line wrapped around his neck without a single hook in him. When my line finally broke due to the weight the pressure released and with a couple of flips out of the water he loosened the line and it fell off! It was an amazing catch and it was truly my birthday fish!

This morning I came to the office to find a beautiful peace lilly plant with birthday balloons attached and a card. Things like that sure do bring a smile when one is so far from home and cannot spend birthdays with family! Thanks to everyone who brought that smile to me!

We are back in the swing of things, trying to get all the paperwork and estimates and "ducks in a row" to get to the funding process at the end of this week. There is so much to be done before these cases can be taken to the funding process but hopefully I will have 3 ready to go. That will bring 3 more homes that much closer to being repaired and returning the families to "home."

With each one that is brought closer there are more than that waiting in the wings. And with those in waiting there are more phone calls that come in, more referrals and more people wondering who is going to help them? With everything we do the best we can to maintain our focus; "help the people."

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

PS The most recent comment posted here was from the homeowners Joseph and Kea. I spoke with her this morning and she came through her gall bladder surgery fine. They were approved for their funding which means the contractor will be scheduling their work as soon as the funding money reaches our hands. They are thrilled!!! They are thankful!!! They are ready!!!

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