Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Getting Ready

Yes, the level of preparation is picking up!

Starting next week Habitat for Humanity will be doing blitz builds and the guests of honor will be Former President Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter!! Guess how much "hoopla" is going on?! And even though we aren't Habitat, everyone is involved!

Along with that we are continuing home visits, taking phone calls and today will be doing an estimate for an entire rebuild for Mr Douglas in Moss Point. His home is gutted, a block home and about 700 square feet and with the incoming teams of skilled volunteers mid July his home will be rebuilt! Getting the estimates for jobs like this take some real time and detail. When we go for funding for our clients we need to make sure everything is correct because there isn't any "going back" for funds!

The estimates for our other home visits are going well. We are also reaching out with some financial counseling for those who might need it along with reaching to schooling for a couple's children. When we case manage homeowners it's an entire package. It's not just financial -- it reaches beyond where anyone might imagine but the goal and mission are the same --- "Help the people."

I was talking with another case manager from another organization yesterday and we were talking about the emotions involved with this work. We agreed that unless you have a heart for this type of ministry you better either stay home or get a job in the secular world! For those of us who do have the heart for it -- what an amazing "job" we are blessed to do! One of my homeowners yesterday asked if we were "angels" and even though I tried to tell him we weren't I don't think I convinced him! :)

As hectic as some days can be, as overwhelmed as we might get -- God always blesses us and that is priceless!!!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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