Friday, May 02, 2008

A dream becomes reality

You might need to click on each photo to get the full effect.
The left one is the "huge" turtle Monty found crossing the street the other morning. He was on his way from one bayou to the other until he was rudely interrupted by humans who stopped to take photos! He was one of what we from Indiana call "alligator turtles" meaning that you don't want to get any body part near his mouth!
A gentleman stopped and, with gloves, picked him up and put him in the safety of the tall grass. He made the comment that some might have seen a great pot of soup in him but he was on his way to work and had no time. The sound that this critter made when he snapped his jaws together in disgust at the thought of being helped by a human could have snapped through the most muscular leg or hand or arm or head!
I must admit that I waited for the helpful man and Monty to leave the area before I trecked into the tall grass to get the photo! :)
The other photo has quite the story! I would like for you to click on it to make it larger and then take a really good look at the vase on the picnic table as that is the theme of this next story.
When Monty and I first stepped foot on Ms Ollie's property we had to walk through weeds as high as our knees. Only the broken slab remained from her original home. As we were walking Monty reached down and started digging something out of the ground. It was that vase on the picnic table. We took it home, cleaned it up and there it sat. We had no idea where it came from but thought we would give it to Ms Ollie for her new home, as a remembrance.
This morning I stopped by to give her the vase. She was leaving the driveway to take her son to a hospital therapy appointment. I walked up with the vase behind my back and just started asked the usual questions of how she has been doing. She said she was fine, loving the house yet had been having dreams of her deceased mother and hadn't been able to get her out of her mind. She said that when the storm came and destroyed all her belongings it also took the one thing she had that had been her mothers.
As I reached around to show her this vase she broke into tears and told me that THAT was what she had from her mother! It had always set on her mother's kitchen table and after she passed away had always set on Ms Ollie's kitchen table! She couldn't believe we found it, without even a crack or chip on it, and that God had spoken to her through her dreams and now with this vase!
It honestly gave me the "Holy Spirit goose bumps" as I realized that God had not only spoken to her but also to me -- telling me once again that we ARE following His will by being here!
As she drove out of the drive I pray her eyes cleared enough for her to see the road!
You never know when God is going to not only show you a miracle---let alone have you be a small part of that miracle!!!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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