Friday, May 16, 2008

Ministry in Indiana

As I sit in my house seeing the clock approach midnight I have so many things running through my mind that sleep might be far off.

As you know, I am back in Indiana for this week. This evening I made the hour trip from my parents home to ours and will only be here a couple of days before heading back south. So many things happened during my time at my parents -- so much ministry that I would have never dreamed of.

What would you do if faced with the following:

While talking with an elderly woman she asks you these questions:

1. I'm afraid that when I get to heaven and God asks me what good I have done while on earth I might not get in as I haven't done anything?

2. A friend of mine said that when we get to heaven we will only have a head and our bodies will be invisible, is that true?

3. I'm afraid my family members already in heaven won't recognize me since I am so old?

4. Why have all my family members already died and I am still here?

5. I was told that God can't hear our prayers unless we pray out loud?

What would you say? How would you answer those questions? Could you answer them? Would you laugh and think "this person needs to get some new friends!" Or would you laugh and just toss it off as nonsense? What if this person was really reaching out for answers because she knew she probably wouldn't live much longer and the only thing she had to do each day was sit in her wheelchair and think about all these things?

This was my situation this afternoon! I had already heard that she was asking questions and seemed to be searching for answers. When I went to visit I waited patiently for her to open the door and when she did I knew I would dig deeper and see just what she thought and pray God would give me the answers she needed. As always, He never fails me!

Not good enough? If that was what got us to heaven it would be a pretty empty place!

Only have a head? The Bible states that we will be made anew, completely!

Not recognize her? The Bible also says that we will know our own! God is all about relationships!

Why still here? God is still preparing her place in heaven and He still has a purpose for her here on earth!

Can God hear me? Again the Bible says that God knows our inner most thoughts even before we do!

I know she has a better understanding now. She had a sense of peace, a wide - eyed look kind of like a light bulb had been lit. No doubt she had some different thoughts for the rest of today. And when she prays tonight she has a better sense of the true power of prayer, that prayer can change lives and that she certainly has a purpose here -- the job of praying alone will keep her thinking all through the days and nights!

We should all watch what we say to others! We never know the impact we are having on others!

Ministry is everywhere -- not just "out there" somewhere; it can be in our own back yard, in our own living room, where we least expect it but where it has the most impact!

Keep your eyes and ears open and watch and listen and speak when God calls you to do so. Don't be afraid that you won't have the "right" words -- God promises to give them to us if we will just be obedient and speak! Do so and watch the blessings come back to you a hundred fold. See if you aren't also the one with a new sense of peace!

This blog is dedicated to my 95 year old grandmother! Bless you for the opportunity to feel closer to you than I have ever felt in my life!!!!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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