Friday, May 23, 2008

Estimates and planning . . .

The home on the left is Ms Annie's and the one on the right is William and Marie's that we just visited yesterday.

Ms Annie: we made a return trip yesterday. We have a team of volunteers coming for 2 weeks in July, each week with nearly 200 people! Ms Dee, who is the master mind behind this huge effort came for a visit and is willing to take on not only the house but also the land and existing home that must be sorted through before demolition! It was amazing to watch the bond begin with Ms Dee and Ms Annie. Ms Annie and her mother have both been very honest in telling us that they have completely given up on receiving any help. They both are battling depression and had no idea where to turn. I am thankful for FEMA for bringing their situation to our attention. By the end of the visit Ms Annie was still in a bit of unbelief -- but a different kind of unbelief. She can't believe that so many people will be coming to just help in any way they can -- with no agenda and expecting absolutely nothing in return! And when we told her that SHE would be the boss of the entire time, that nothing would be done without her consent -- the smile popped out along with true laughter. It made me wonder how long it had been since she had done either!?

We are very excited about this team coming and plan on them also taking on the rebuilding of Mr Douglas's home. With that many people coming with the skills they have -- miracles will be everywhere for those 2 weeks!

Someone asked me the other day why I didn't talk about the volunteers as much any more. The reason -- they aren't here!!!! There are only a couple of relief efforts still having any volunteers come. Why?? Because unless you live here directly on the coast you have no idea of what still needs to be done. Most think that because it's nearing the 3 year mark that all is well and life goes on. Life does go on but all is NOT well! We do the best with what we can and are soooo thankful to those who continue to come! God will continue to move mountains and continue to calm seas and continue to reach the lost here on the coast with those of us who are still here and who are committed to doing whatever He asks of us to get the job done!

Meet Mr William and Ms Marie and their home on the right. They are both native American Indians complete with an original teepee in their front yard. William works full time and Marie puts my "girl power" in construction to a whole new dimension! This woman has nearly single handedly rebuilt this home! She has done structural repairs and is currently working on the electric! It was amazing to visit with them and see her drive, her determination, her faith -- in action! She used to teach school and still gathers the neighboring children when they look like they have nothing to do and teaches them. They weren't asking for labor, just material so they could continue working on things themselves. When we told them we felt this would not be a problem for us to supply she had a look of unbelief on her face! And I know that each and every piece of documentation that I need to apply for funding will be supplied by her within days! She is also one of the most organized women I have seen (present company excluded) :)

Like I said, we continue to reach out to the lost, we continue to find the super-lost and we continue to do what God has called us to do. No volunteers? We'll still keep going! God promises to always supply and He doesn't go back on His promises!

We pray all of you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. For us it will be nice as we might be able to watch the Indy 500 race on TV for the first time! At home it is always blacked out from TV coverage but we are far enough away we might catch a glimpse between the 2 church picnics planned (and my birthday!!!!!)

Blessings to all until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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Susan & Monty-

It's Kea. I wanted you to know that Joe and I are vry excited and I wanted to be able to say thank you. I have been working very long hours the last few days and now relized, niether of us saved your number in our phone. Please call us and let us know what we need to do next. I also heard about a lady who is blind & FEMA thought her trailer was abandonded while she was in the hospital & put her things on the side of the road. Terri @LIFE told me about this is hoping you guys can help or know someone who can.