Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This is one of the majestic elm trees that live here along the coast. They are massive beyond imagination and this is one of the most beautiful. The branches actually grow so long that they lay on the ground and re-root themselves! Most of them "lean" to one direction as a result of the winds of the storm. This year they are starting to look much better as the leaves are coming out fuller -- healing from the storm.

Today has been one of those days where deadlines loom overhead. One of our sources of funding will come to an end in 2 days so the push to get everything in is on! We won't be able to get everyone in as the calls continue but we will pray for another source to come up where we will be able to continue helping. There are other sources we use but this one has been a good one and will be missed terribly!

When we are applying for funding for our homeowners we also have numerous documents that must be lined up for the funding table. Sometimes we get the documents when we do the home visits but by the time they get to the funding table we need more recent documents. This puts the "ball" back into the homeowners' court. Today has had a couple of those homeowners running here and there but they got exactly what we needed so we can get exactly what they need! It can get a bit hectic but the smiles continue!

It's just a perfect example of how the relief efforts are in constant change! There have been efforts who thought they would write a "how to" book on what to do when rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes! NOT!! They very quickly decided it was impossible as the efforts change by the day and just when you think there is a set of rules you must think again and realize those rules changed! It's just one of the things that make this work so facinating! And such a blessing! All of us learning at the same time, all of us constantly learning and all of us constantly changing and smiling at the same time! Where can you find that in the secular world?!

Until next time . . . pray for funding sources to continue. Susan and Monty

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