Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back safely and home visits continue

Yes, after another long drive I made it back to MS safe and sound. Thanks to all of you who were praying me down the roads! It was really good to be with my family for about a week and also really good to get back "home."

We jumped right back into the "saddle" so to speak.

I do have the great news that we received the funding approval for Jackie's new roof and for Joseph and Kea's rebuild! They were so thrilled when I called and gave them the news yesterday! The next step is ordering the materials and the contractor getting them on his schedule! We are also pleased with the short turn-around time! The idea is to get them on the list and off that list as soon as possible! Sometimes it works!

Yesterday we visited with Mr Andrew. He had to abandon his home after the storm because the damage was so severe. He and his wife are renting an apartment in another city now and would like to see what can be done with the home. After making our visit we all came to the same conclusion -- it cannot be salvaged! There is just too much structural damage. Now comes the decision of building a new one or possibly purchasing a mobile home. They are fine with either choice so it's up to us to see about financing issues on our end. Mr Andrew is a newlywed, his first wife passed away and he cared for his father in law before, during and after the storm until he had to be placed in the nursing home. Speedy will most likely NOT describe this story but we will get there!

From there we went to Ms Lorine's house. She is a single grandmother who is raising 3 grandchildren and should retain full custody of them soon. She has absolutely no income, her children help pay her bills. She has had some work done but has more and so we will step in and get her home completed. She has a heart as big as Texas but a bank account the size of an empty matchbox!

Our third visit was unable to meet with us and will reschedule as soon as possible. She is a single mother of 5 children!

Today we headed up north where tornados hit and met with Ms Annie and her 89 year old mother, Virginia. They lived next door to each other and have done so for the past 50 years! Ms Virginia's home has been condemed and Ms Annie has used each dime to get hers rebuilt for the both of them. We will come in and get it done!! What amazing women, what amazing strength and determination! Examples for all of us!

I have meeting after meeting scheduled for this afternoon! And Monty is out getting materials lined up!!

Like I said, "back in the saddle" and the horse is running at full gallop!! And we wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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