Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Technology ??

Once again I have no photos but hopefully tomorrow?!

Technology is wonderful -- when it works. We have been given plenty of "opportunities" over the past few days to see the not so wonderful part!

Today Monty is working on getting internet set up in our home. Simple?! You would think. NOT! He is currently in town, as we speak, getting parts that are required! I don't even try as I know nothing about getting them connected. He does and it's best that I stay a bit clear, you know what I mean! :)

As you know, we spent a long, wonderful weekend in Wisconsin. You will see some of the photos as soon as possible. We were supposed to arrive home Monday but it seems a layer of "unliftable" fog arrived up north and flights were being delayed and canceled faster than they could post them on the boards. We ended up staying Monday night and trying again yesterday. First thing we saw on the board was that our flight was delayed. It did make it in an hour later and instead of flying into Milwaukee we flew into Chicago. The skies had cleared by the time we reached there and after a layover of a couple of hours we were once again headed home. All the flights were uneventful, which is a good thing! Neither of us are great (or good) flyers so uneventful is great!

Wisconsin was wonderful beyond words. We spent the entire time at the world's best bed and breakfast -- Tony and Shirley's home! Even though Tony was on a mission trip up in Alaska and we didn't get to see him until an hour before time to leave we thoroughly enjoyed their home on the river!

Seeing Diane again, and spending every waking minute together was just like "old times". She transported us all over the place and we even managed to get in a few games of Scrabble! Life just isn't right when the 3 of us aren't together!!

Gregg and Pam from South Dakota also joined us. They spent over 2 months working disaster relief and knew first hand all that goes on. Steve and Carol also joined us. They served 2 "terms" in the south doing exactly what Monty and I did. They blessed us with a day on the lakes, touring around on their pontoon boat! Not even they could believe how beautiful the weather was. A definite God Thing as only God could know just how much we all needed a day like that. We had "brainstorming" sessions all day one day and it was great! As I have said before, this ministry is about to take on an entirely new face and we are so excited about it! Diane's church has such a vision when it comes to missions and it was so awesome for us to have someone share in our calling.

I would like to ask for extra special prayers. My youngest daughter, Lindsay, lives in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Come tomorrow morning she will be undergoing surgery to remove a cyst. For all of you who are mothers you know how difficult it is for me to be here and she to be there! Please pray for her as this isn't an easy surgery. Thank you!!

We are so excited that all of you are continuing on this journey with us. Things are changing and things are happening and things are growing and things are GREAT! Hopefully I will be back to blogging more often. I miss it and I miss all of you!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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