Saturday, September 29, 2007

Weather "shock"??!!

Once again I have no photos because I am borrowing a computer from friends who have internet!

Yes, we have managed to travel from one of the farthest southern locations to "up north" in Wisconsin! And yes, the weather is a shock! It was around 95 degrees when we left New Orleans about a week ago and I saw 55 degrees on a thermometer here yesterday morning??!! But the skies were so clear with the sunshine that it almost didn't look real! We also were blessed to take a pontoon boat ride around on the lakes. Yes, the breeze was "crisp" but it was like a dream day! There is a group of us here together, all of us have been on the coast working and the reunion is something none of us ever thought would happen! We have been sharing stories and stories and more stories and laughing and laughing and realizing just how awesome God is to have brought a group of strangers together and made them family!

We will be attending meetings here and putting together plans and more plans. Those meetings start today and we are excited to see and hear what God has planned. We all have been sharing that after being on the coast helping to rebuild lives life changes. We don't look at anything the same as we used to. Our lives have changed also. We aren't the same people. God has touched us all and we are all praying for His ultimate direction. Please pray for us in these meetings. Pray that God will guide and direct us and that we will be open to hearing from Him and seeing His plan.

Until next time I find a connection . . . Diane, Greg and Pam, Steve and Carol and Tony and Shirley send their love to all! Susan and Monty

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