Friday, October 12, 2007

Music Night

Yes, we have missed sitting and playing music! Or I should say that I have missed "listening"to music.

We used to gather a bunch of friends who played guitars, bass, harmonica or anything else that made music and play and play and play. They play anything from gospel to bluegrass to spiritual. It's just so relaxing and fun and I have really missed it.

This evening it's just Joe, his girlfriend Stacy, and Monty and I. Stacy is a professional singer so it really lights up the evening!

On the homefront I have been working on a letter that we will be sending out to those with whom we have worked with over the past couple of years. This letter has a couple of purposes, one of which is to update people with our mission and another to let them know we are responsible for raising our own salary. It's not an easy thing to put together and I have been running it over and over again both in my mind and on the computer for days now. I think I have it ready to go. Pray that it brings the message as God wishes.

We are also still in process of working in and on our house. Monty has been more than busy with the small repairs of this and that here and there. I have a "pile" in the middle of the house that will be in our garage sale next Saturday. Like I said before, all of us just have too much "stuff" and I am ridding us of quite a bit! Feels quite good!

We are also putting together plans to head to West Virginia and visit with our family of guys who are responsible for the 6 day Speed Build of Mike and Faye's house. If you are new to the blog and missed that miraculous week you can go back in the archives here -- March of 2007 should show you the story. We are so excited to see these guys and get the opportunity to meet the awesome women behind them!

There are just so many people who have become our family and we hope to get to see alot of them over the next few months.

Our deepest thanks to all of you who came in as strangers and left us as family! We love you and miss you more than you know!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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