Sunday, October 14, 2007

Worship and work

Here we are at our "photo session". It was rather humorous but we had to do it. For our upcoming letters of information we needed a photo of ourselves. Just us, the real us, not dressed up, just ourselves -- and that's exactly what you will get! For those of you who came and worked with us you know exactly what I am talking about. Monty and I are just real people and what you see is what you get!
The other couple are our best friends, Joe and Stacy. Joe was the photographer for the day and we had to capture them also. I don't want to think about what our life might be like without each other! And good thing for both of us that we only live about a mile from each other! Must be a God-thing!
This morning we were blessed to be in church. It was just one of those Sundays when it felt so right to be in church and one where I didn't want the sermon time to end. Not only was it Pastor Appreciation Day but it was Pastor Dave's birthday! And of course neither of which would be complete without a fantastic cake made by our friend Ellen. Even though I have attempted to help her with her baking of cakes (and a feeble attempt it was) I will never understand how someone can do that! Monty and I consider ourselves extra-specially blessed to have a pastor who is our friend, and a great one at that! I hope he enjoyed the rest of his day reading the many cards they received from the congregation.
The two of us spent most of our afternoon continuing the work in our storage barn. It needed cleaned out even before we left nearly 2 years ago and over the past couple of days that is what has been happening. By the end of today it was nearly transformed! We will be having a yard sale this weekend. Part of which to clear out "things" that we realize are unimportant and part of which to get a teenie tiny start on purchasing a camper trailer to use in our first response ministry. If you remember the one we lived in was lent to us by my brother. Everyone keeps telling us this is the right time of year to find the deals so let's hope they are right. We need something that is even more of a deal than most folks would think of a deal! Please pray God lands just what we need right in front of us!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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