Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Change of clothes!

A pretty powerful photo, isn't it!
We awoke to some pretty powerful changes in our weather this morning. Yesterday we had a high of 93 and today the high was 56!!! The old saying goes that if you don't like the weather in Indiana just stick around and tomorrow it will be different! I almost forgot how quickly it can change. But . . . I have promised myself that I will not complain about the cooler temps after spending 2 of the hottest summers possible on the gulf coast! It was rather nice digging the sweatshirts from the bottom of the drawers and putting them on. Monty even managed to work outside all afternoon and didn't even break a sweat! :)
I was in the organizing mode and seemed to make even more a mess of things. I have been working on cleaning drawers and cabinets and closets and found so many things that are not used or needed. I plan on taking some things to charity and others will go into a soon to be garage sale. I feel just plain guilty when I see the piles! It's one of the things that has bothered me since arriving home. I watch people in the stores and notice just how many things we purchase that are not "needed" but only "wanted". We Americans are such a wasteful society. It shows everywhere. I found myself not even wanting to have "things" on the tables as it seems so useless. After seeing so much devastation, seeing those who literally lost everything except what was on their backs, having no funds to replace things and then not only needing the necessities but also needing a roof over their heads it has changed the way I look at need verses want. I thank God for showing me the difference.
Maybe some of you are preparing for the change in seasons and realizing just how many pieces of clothing you have hanging in your closet that didn't get worn last year this time. How about taking a good look and donating your good used clothing and things to your local charity. God will bless you for your love and thoughtfulness.
Until tomorrow . . . Susan and Monty
PS Don't forget about the new address for donations:
International Gospel Outreach (IGO)
PO Box 1008
Semmes, AL 36575
And remember to add a separate note with our names on it. Bless you!

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