Saturday, March 02, 2013

A Record Breaker!

Even the supervisors were astonished!

My bus broke an all time record this week!

Not one discipline slip written and no one kicked off!!!!

No one can remember that EVER happening!

I love watching how God works!

My high schoolers are correcting each other when it comes to foul language -- and when one of those doing the correcting "slips" they are actually apologizing to me -- by yelling from the back, of course!

I had some middle school kids hitching a ride to one of my stops (they aren't supposed to even be allowed to ride unless they are listed on my roster but with this bus certain rules don't apply) and when they refused to be seated I heard one of the regulars tell them to "sit down or she just stops and won't drive!"  Priceless!

I have learned that sometimes words don't work and when someone is standing --- I just stop!  Makes no difference where we are on the route -- I stop until they are seated!  It's one of those God things that He spoke to me about and I'm still amazed at how right He always is!     :)

One thing that has been helping with the elementary is rearranging their assigned seating on the way home from school. 

Without assigned seats it would be worse than mayhem but they still argue about where they are and who they are seated with.

So after they are all loaded on the bus for home and really are seated where their name tags are -- I take a walk to the back of the bus and start moving upon request.  Where we have 3 crammed in a seat -- we make 2.  Some are allowed to sit with friends, others are allowed to sit in a seat by themselves --- all depending on space available.  Those in trouble are not allowed to relocate and if you move without permission -- you are moved to the front of the bus!   So far it's working and making them happy.

Life has it's share of twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows ---- and for this weekend --- this bus driver is pretty happy to see the hand of God in action!!!!!

The weight on my shoulders is a bit lighter and I am truly happy for my kids!  They are proving they CAN be good and I think that is even surprising them!

Jesus loves THESE little (and bigger) children!   And so do I.

Until next time . . .  thank you Jesus!                                           Susan

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Cheryl said...

WOW! Monumental! I expected it to take much longer than this to see this much progress. Way to go lady! (And praise God for His grace!) I LOVE the new blog title and I wholeheartedly agree :)