Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break Thoughts

Yes, this week is our spring break and I am trying very hard to get caught up on some things and yet not overbook myself with too many "things."  So far, so good.

Yesterday I ran a couple of errands, looked in on my little blind neighbor lady and cooked dinner for us here at home (a rare thing these days)!

Today I was able to go to Bible Study and not have to hurry to get back in time for the bus.  My dear friend, Bev, picked me up and I realized just how much I missed our conversations while on the road!  We even went to lunch afterwards and I so appreciate her kindness and friendship!  It's something I have missed more than I realized since driving the bus.

During Bible study God brought quite a few things to light for me.

The main theme was realizing just how much God loves us!  We read about it and we talk about it but do we fully understand it in the deepest places of our heart?

I thought of my bus kids.  Most of them have no concept of the meaning of the word love.  They live with one parent - or maybe a grandparent - or maybe neither.  They aren't walked to the bus by an adult, someone who cares about their safety, and they aren't met at the bus in the afternoon to make sure they get home safe.  They aren't fed breakfast before leaving for school and most don't know what evening dinner time is.  They don't have a bedtime and are exhausted when they start their day.  Some have more responsibilities than adults.

So how to I get them to understand the concept that God loves them?  Especially since I am not allowed to use the words God or Jesus or Holy Spirit?

The book of the Bible named James tells us that words without deeds isn't really faith. 

My bus is where God's love must be shown and not told or explained.  They are kids.  They react to what they see long before what they hear. 

I expressed some of these thoughts at Bible study and at the end of the morning, Samuel -- who is only 12 years old -- came up to me with a word from God through him.  He said that all I need to do is "spark one of the kids and they will spark the rest."

The honesty of children --- speaking out to other children!  Priceless!

Samuel has had troubles with being bullied at school -- and he isn't bitter or angry or revengful -- he is responding with love --- that love of God that can be so hard to comprehend, so hard to imagine that it's for us!

No wonder Jesus told us that we are to have the faith of a child!

Samuel -- I am going to take your advice, yours and God's, and I thank you for being such an amazing young man of God!

Let's all follow Samuel's words and "spark" someone in our lives!  And watch where that spark leads!

Until next time . . . God really is LOVE!                                 Susan and Monty

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