Saturday, March 23, 2013

100 years

Today my grandmother would have been 100 years old!

She passed away in 2009 but she has never passed from my heart.   I learned so many things from her and just think about what an awesome birthday she must be having in heaven --- all her family around her along with all the angels in heaven!  I think I'm jealous!

Either way --- Happy Birthday Grandma!

Here on earth -- my bus kids made it through yesterday so we now total 15 days with no discipline slips!  Remember that 5 days was record breaking so this is . . . without words!

As for the stories --- each afternoon --- the very second we drop off at the second to last stop --- the remaining kids (about 15) move to the front of the bus and start asking (quite loudly) for stories!

Yesterday I tried something new.  Jesus used parables (stories) to teach while He was here on earth.  And even though I have to be very careful with "religion" on the bus --- I told the story of Joseph and what his brothers did and how sometimes we might want to do something bad to someone who has done something bad to us but . . .

To my surprise, most of the kids recognized the story and knew it.  But one little boy was mesmerized and listened to every word.  We had alot of fun with it and so I imagine the story telling will continue -- with a bit of "religion" brought in here and there -- so satan --- better just get off my bus because I've got news for you --- WE WIN THE BATTLE!!!!!

Until next time . . . we're taking our grandchildren to the circus this evening and I plan on having the time of my life as I've never been to a circus so . . . fun --- here we come!!!!  
Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

I was thinking of you when we watched a movie that is new out. It's called Unconditional and I think you and Monty should see it! We bought it at Walmart for $13; it is worth every penny!