Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My "little" brother??

Sorry for not writing for a few days but this cold thing I've been battling with for weeks now just took quite the nasty turn --- into a sinus infection that now requires strong antibiotics which I am still waiting to feel results from!

Tomorrow my "little" brother -- actually my youngest brother -- turns 50 years old!  That just doesn't seem possible!  Where in the world have all the years gone?

Anyway, happy birthday Johnny -- make it a good one!

Bus update:

Telling stories on our last leg each afternoon is proving to be quite peaceful.  And believe me -- that's not a word anyone thought they could use in regard to my bus!  They love the stories and all make sure they up front and keeping each other quiet so they can hear!

They have now completed 16 1/2 days of no discipline slips! 

I am not saying they haven't pushed the boundaries but they know I mean business and no one wants to be responsible for spoiling it for everyone else!  In this case, peer pressure is working to my advantage!    :)

I continue to have drivers run right through my red lights flashing stop arms when I stop to let kids off the bus!  Never ceases to amaze me that they will just go right through -- with my horn blaring and my arm flailing out the side window!  Guess when the police stop them they can explain their actions to them!!!!!

So . . . for now we continue counting the days, knowing how important each one is and thanking God for His blessing over each and every child.

Until next time . . . praying for healing!                                 Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Very encouraging update!

I know what you mean about your "little brother"...My "baby" brother is 6'5"! :)