Thursday, March 21, 2013

Story Time

The past couple of days with my bus kids has been eye opening -- in a couple of ways, new ways.

Yesterday my little guy who has been diagnosed bipolar and is only 7 (and has given me more than my share of problems) wasn't on the bus in the morning.  I even told the other kids that get on at his stop that we would wait a minute to make sure he didn't come running around the corner.  We waited but he never came.  It did have me a bit concerned but on we went.

When I went to pick them up from school for the trip home, there he was.  When I met him at the door asking where he was in the morning he told me he did miss the bus because his dad didn't wake him up in time.

At that, I told him I was so glad to see him and missed him in the morning.  He looked more than shocked and asked me "why?"

I answered by telling him I cared about him and when he wasn't on the bus I had difficulty driving.

He looked at me with an even more puzzled look.

I answered again that all my "bus kids" are special to me and I am concerned when one of them isn't on the bus.

His response?  "You're not my mom and I'm not your kid!"

My answer, "No, I'm not your mom but you ARE my bus kid, just like the rest of the kids on the bus."

He smiled and had a look on his face and a quietness in his spirit that held the entire way to school.

It was then that it REALLY dawned on me that he really does NOT know what it's like to have someone care about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

My own spirit was quiet.

On the afternoon ride home things can bet quite noisy.  After my second to last drop at a local trailer park I allow all the remaining kids to move up front, 2 per seat.  These kids are being dropped at the local battered women's shelter -- not because they live there (they used to) -- they are going to the after school care! 

Just after they moved up front one of them asked me to retell the story of the alligator under the little boy's bed after hurricane Katrina.  (this little boy and his family were displaced due to their house flooding in the storm.  He wanted something from his bedroom so the family made the trip back to their house.  Dad went inside to get what the little boy wanted.  He came out without it.  The little boy threw a fit and it was then that dad had to tell him that during the storm and when the alligator farm miles away from them flooded - the gators were also displaced and this one just happened to wash up inside this house.  As the furniture floated in the water - so did the gator.  As the water went down the gator just happened to be under the bed as it sat back down on the floor.  Thus said gator is now trapped under the bed --- quite alive and not so well.  After dad explains this the little boy makes the comment that he really did have a monster under his bed and I figure he will still be looking under his bed before going to bed when he's 90 years old!)

The kids loved this story and so I told it again.  When I finished they asked for "another story."  Good ness knows I have thousands and shared a couple from my own childhood and being the only girl with 3 brothers!  They were quiet as church mice and loved each story!  Before we knew it they were home and it was such a peaceful ride.

So today . . . the minute the trailer park kids were off the bus and the rest moved forward -- they asked for more stories.  I told childhood stories till we reached their door and when one of the kids started to say something  -- the others all turned around and shushed him telling him he was rude talk in story time!

So . . . I must start making a list of story titles so I have enough to tell on a daily basis.

It made me think about how Jesus taught people by using parables --- stories!   He just never ceases to amaze me!

And who knows --- I just might be able to tell a "Jesus" story without using the word!

Until next time . . . caring and expressing it really can change lives so show it and say it and change someones life!                                                                    Susan and Monty


Emmabee said...

This is incredibly sweet. You may never know what long term affect you are having on these kids. It sure makes me look at my life differently.

Emmabee said...

You are having a profound and long term affect on these kids. Makes me look at my life much differently.