Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Encouraged to continue . . .

Thanks to my dear friend Cheryl and her uplifting and supportive and positive comments I have rethought this whole thing about taking a break.

In my mind and with the title of this blog (for over 7 years now) I felt that since we aren't currently "actively" involved with any type of natural disaster and have made the decision to stay home and teach others instead of going ourselves, that I should just stop writing.

Cheryl, and others, have made me rethink the "disaster" meaning and to continue writing about my kids on my school bus.  Even I have said it here, this is a different kind of disaster and since God Himself told me to take this route . . .

So this morning I would like to focus on a couple of positive things that have happened on my bus.

Yesterday morning and afternoon were pretty "event" free.  I did have a few high schoolers who hopped my bus (they aren't on my route but wanted to go where I stop) and when I used my speaker to tell them to sit down and they replied that they "don't ride this bus" I actually heard some of my own kids telling them they had to sit down or "she will stop and we'll never get there."   It made me smile and the kids did sit down!  Peer pressure can be used in a positive way!     :)

On my elementary route my little one who grabbed the steering wheel during Friday's incident -- to my surprise -- got on the bus yesterday.  I thought the school principal was going to kick him off for 5 days --- and when I got to school the principal was so apologetic and told me she forgot to tell his dad.

As I quickly thought about the whole situation I told her to forget about kicking him off.  He had gotten on the bus Friday afternoon and apologized all over the place telling me he just needed his medication that morning and since he had taken it he was "all better now."  He begged me to not kick him off and so I told the principal to leave it alone and let's see what happens.  Yesterday he was good and also this morning.  Miracles happen all the time and sometimes we (I) fail to recognize them when they seem so small and yet are huge milestones!

So I think I will continue to journal about my kids.  And yes, they are "my" kids -- they are in my heart and I know God is doing a work in each of them and I don't want YOU to miss out on what He is doing!

So the word disaster will take on a new meaning for awhile and let's all join in prayers, BIG prayers, for my kids!

Remember the song ---
"Jesus loves the little children,
all the children of the world,
red, yellow, black and white,
all are precious in His sight,
Jesus love the little children of the world."

Even mine!

Blessings and thanks to all of you.                                                      Susan

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Cheryl said...

I am so glad you decided to continue writing. I really enjoy reading about what the Lord is doing in this "disastrous" situation. Love you girl!