Thursday, November 01, 2012

Transtional Update

To all our families and friends,

First and foremost we would like to thank you for your support over the past 7 years we have been out in the fields of disaster relief.  That support has taken us fom Mississippi to New Orleans, back to Mississippi, to Columbus, Indiana and to the great state of Texas.  There are no tallies as to the number of homes we have rebuilt, lives that have been changed or hearts brought to Jesus.  Numbers aren't important.  We were blessed to watch the hand of God move to restore, rebuild and revitalize by your generous giving.  The words "thank you" are not enough - but it's all the English language gives us.

We now find ourselves in an exciting state of "transition" which Webster defines as "changeover, development, growth, progression and/or turning point."  Each definition is fitting.  We are changing over from going out into the field to staying here at home.  We are in the progression of development here at home.  Our growth from "hands on" to "words on" is a turning point.  Our main focus changes from "doing" to "teaching, training and preparing for".

There is an old saying about giving a man a fish and feeding him for a day or teaching him to fish and feeding him for a lifetime.  God is calling us to do the latter.

We all realize disasters are happening more frequently and with seemingly more power and destruction.  Hurricane Sandy is a very current reminder!  The experiences God has taught us have been priceless but are not given to us to keep.  It is now our responsibility to transition into teaching and educating and thus "feeding" for a lifetime.

Becoming the new director for C.O.A.D. (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) here at home while also serving on the state level allows us to educate and teach from "on the ground" experience which is priceless.  We are also pursuing the dream of having a fully stocked disaster relief warehouse that would enable us to reach multitudes with life giving supplies when the need arises.  (Think what we could be doing along the east coast RIGHT NOW)  God has planted that vision and we are working to bring it to pass.

So . . . in a large nutshell, we thank you for your support and understand if you wish to end your financial donations.  We do ask that you continue to cover us with prayers for wisdom and guidance as we take these next "steps of faith".

Our email remains the same as well as our cell numbers and we always enjoy hearing from you.

May God return your generosity a hundred fold and thank you for helping rebuild lives by rebuilding homes!

All our love, thanks and blessings,

Until next time . . .                                                 Susan and Monty

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Shelley said...

Of course I will continue to support your mission, whatever direction it takes! I cannot offer much, but I will do what I can. Is
C.O.A.D. set up as a 501(c)3? I would like to support your mission financially from time to time. How best may I do this? Are there any local volunteer opportunities? I wish you all the best in your new endeavors. God Bless You Always,