Friday, November 09, 2012

Holton bound

Will be leaving before daylight tomorrow morning with a team of 4, including myself.

It's actually part of our Maui team going with me, Charles, Hannah and Becky.  Bev was planning on going but is having some shoulder issues and needs to do some healing.

Holton is a very small town with a population of 450 that took a direct hit in the March 2nd tornado outbreak here in Indiana.  With winter temps just around the corner and holidays even closer we want to reach out and help in any small way we can.

I talked with Phil, the long term recovery committee chairman and he has more than one project lined up for us.  I assured him we would be willing to do whatever he has for us.

Please keep us covered in prayers as we make the 2 hour trip there, work all day and then the same trip back home.  I am just so thankful for Charles and Hannah and Becky as they all have developed such a servant heart and are so obedient to when and where God calls them.

I have been quite busy watching over and caring for my little 88 year old neighbor lady who is blind.  A couple of days ago she told me her heater wasn't working properly and a "friend" had told her the ventilation areas were totally blocked with dust and that she need to "clean it out?"  I went back and took the cover off and realized the entire thing was covered with who knows how many months worth of dust!  I got her sweeper out and worked and worked and cleaned and cleaned and by the time I was done it was in great shape.  I also got her some replacement filters and told her that at the first of each month I would change the filters and sweep everything out.  She started to cry and told me that she hadn't had anyone care for her like this!  Now -- is that sad or what?  No one cared enough to just sweep the filter system for her?  Each day I grow to love Ms Gladys more and more and look forward to the hour or so I get to spend with her each day!  Again, she might not fit the Webster's definition of "disaster" but that's what it feels like to me!  I thank God for bringing us together!

I also have a VERY personal prayer request.  Some of you may have read my blogpost from a long time ago about my youngest daughter who has Crohn's disease.  She is 30 years old now (diagnosed when she was only 7) and will be having major surgery next week to remove a damaged and diseased portion of her colon.  This will not be an easy surgery and I ask for prayers of healing, inside and out and thank you ahead of time for them.

Until next time . . . reach out and help someone else this weekend.                  Susan and Monty

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