Friday, November 23, 2012

A really happy thanksgiving day

My hope is that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!  If you are like us, it's not over yet!

Yesterday was wonderful.  Timothy and Jamie arrived here on Wednesday afternoon and even though Monty was stuck working on broken sewer lines at the park he did make it home in time for dinner and we just enjoyed talking and sharing and laughing -- each making us feel so very good.  Laughter truly is amazing medicine.

Yesterday I was in the kitchen most of the day working on dishes to take to my parents' house for an evening celebration.  My brother from Florida is here for a long weekend and as always -- such a great time with family!  One of the funniest things was watching some of us each a jalapeno corn dish that my niece made -- the sweat came pouring down my brother's and my dad's faces!  They each tried to leave the peppers in the dish and just take the corn but soon realized that the pepper heat was throughout and it brought the box of tissues to the center of the table!

A fun game of Scrabble, Mark and Cheryl style, took us late into the evening and even as we were leaving the game was still going on to find the final winner!

We were so glad Timothy and Jamie chose to spend their holiday with us.  I only wish they lived closer as we miss them so much!

Friends and family are priceless and we all should do a much better job in letting them each know what blessings they are to us.

So . . . to my entire family and all my friends --- thank you for being there, for loving me and thank God for placing me right where He did!

Until next time . . . tis the season!                                                Susan and Monty

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