Monday, November 05, 2012

Hodge - Podge

The title of this blog pretty much describes the contents.

And quite frankly -- my life right about now!

Saturday we attended the surprise 50th birthday party for Terry, our dear friend and the father of the 10 children that we so enjoy spending time with!

This picture was taken over a year ago but you can see Terry in the left corner holding a sleeping Michael. 

It was a great celebration and I think tears may still be streaming from Terry's face!  We were honored to be a part of the day.  It was dampened a bit due to MacKenzie getting her finger caught in their wood splitter just before the party.  They had just come from the hospital where she had been treated for a broken and crushed finger.  Today she was to return to make sure she wouldn't need surgery!  But the rest of the kids sang and played their music -- mostly favorites of their dad! 

This week I am focusing on the upcoming mission trip to Holton.  This trip is a one day trip, this Saturday, when we will travel to the small town of Holton (population 450) which took a direct hit in the March 2nd tornadoes.  With winter weather just around the corner, not to mention holidays, they are desperately trying to get folks back into homes.  I don't know how many of us will be going but am anxious to see come Saturday morning.

I also have a very special and very personal prayer request.  As some of you know, my youngest daughter has Crohn's Disease.  This is non-curable disease that is more than difficult to live with.  It attacks the intestines in a big way and even though she was diagnosed when she was only 7 years old, it's been a rough ride ever since then.  This Wednesday she needs a medical procedure to see if she will need surgery.  I ask for your prayers of miraculous healing and thank you for them.

Yesterday - on my usual trip to check on my little 88 year old neighbor lady (who is blind) she was upset because she couldn't find the paperwork on her dog's rabies shot details.  The vet had let her know it was time for his shots but she thought he already had them when she took him in last month.  As she and I sat down and went through the purse she keeps all his papers in -- and then through her own purse -- I found rabies tags from years ago and solved the mystery -- he had not had his rabies shot last month.  Each day when I check on her I am more and more distressed about her living alone and not being able to see!  Yesterday she was telling me how she hits her head on the side of her kitchen cabinet when she tries to feel for the entrance to the hallway -- so I made some padding and covered that corner of the cabinets!  I guess it goes without saying but she also needs our prayers!

And finally, the holiday season is officially upon us --- and our dogs!

Don't they look overjoyed!!!!!! 

Atleast it brought a smile to your face!

Until next time . . . keep prayers going for the east coast!!!            Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

That picture did indeed bring a smile to my face, as did seeing you all on Saturday! Thank you for helping to make Terry's day such a success. Love to you both! :)