Monday, November 26, 2012

"Stuffed" -- with joy

At first sight the picture below might not look like "joy" . . . but . . . it's still working! 

Having my 20 year old dishwasher stop working on a holiday weekend wasn't in my "plan" but thanks to Monty and Timothy and their abilities to fix nearly anything -- and a couple of hammers -- it is still working today!  We did get quite a laugh from it as we all realized satan was up to his tricks again and of course -- he lost!!!

And although I have never owned a blooming cactus -- when my neighbor passes away I was given one.  I always thought you had to go through alot of ????? in order for one to bloom!  NOT!  This one just started exploding last week and even though I think it's called a Christmas cactus -- our holiday has come early!!

On Saturday evening our kids and grandkids came here for Thanksgiving dinner and my daughter surprised me with these --- a perfect gift for a perfect evening!

The weekend was great and went by all too quickly --as usual.  But as Monty and I talked about it all we agreed that we are truly blessed beyond measure! 

Until next time . . .  yea God and boo devil!!!!!        (that's for you NJ)     Susan and Monty

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