Thursday, November 15, 2012

Only one more week?

Can't believe that Thanksgiving Day is only one week from today?  For some reason I kept thinking today was Wednesday?

Last evening was one of those unforgettable times with grandchildren.  We took them to dinner, Bob Evans was their choice since it had remodeled and they were anxious to see it but I don't think they really noticed!   :)   Anyway, after both ordering pancakes and watching him inhale his (dipped in whipped cream) and her only eating one silver dollar size --- don't know where she gets her little muscles as she doesn't eat much --- Monty "taught" Luke to read "backwards."  I don't know when I've heard either of them laugh so hard.  Luke caught on right quick and for the rest of the evening they read every sign, every word they saw - backwards!  I don't think Liv really understood but even she got tickled at them laughing!  Priceless times!

Yesterday also brought about a meeting with one of our local building inspectors at Don's house.  Seems they had their records all confused and couldn't understand why we hadn't called for any inspections during the repair process -- we didn't do anything with the electric or plumbing so none were needed -- but they wanted to take a look at what we had accomplished.  Kirk marveled at the change and was thrilled to see how well the work had been done.  The only thing he wants to see are smoke detectors, hard wired type, installed in the bedroom and one in the mid portion of the house.  I know Don had them but I think they were battery operated so a quick trip to Lowes and the problem will be solved.  Thankfully we now have everything correct in his file at the building department!

Today was our monthly COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) meeting.  It was great to have quite a few new faces of those wanting to get involved.  We are still talking about opening an emergency supply warehouse and everyone is on the hunt for a location.  They are also checking their calendars to see if they would be able to make the day trip back to Holton in a couple of weeks.  We made alot of progress in many areas and it's great to see the organization coming together by everyone working together.  We will not meet next month due to Christmas but will be back at in come January.  By that time spring will be eeking around the corner and we will be putting more and more focus on preparation and being ready for the upcoming tornado season.  It's an honor to serve as director for this organization.

Until next time . . .  run turkeys, run!                                Susan and Monty

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