Saturday, January 28, 2012

Great Progress

The meeting this morning at Billy's with Mark and Pastor Randy was awesome!  Both Billy and Pastor were happy to see one another again.  Their smiles lit up the room.  Pastor's church, Bloomington Baptist is going to take on the project of putting up the new dining room ceiling and also the replacing of the siding on the exterior of one side of his home.  The recent high winds have taken a bit more of that siding off and it's such a blessing to be able to put our trust in one church and watch them bless Billy in ways he can't even imagine!

From there I was off to Michael's.  It was a sight for sore eyes, mine, when I walked in and saw the ceiling fans all installed and the trim down the center of the family room.  It's beautiful!

Today we had 2 new volunteers from our Vineyard church, Jeff and Karin.  They focused their efforts on painting, topping off the edge where the walls meet the ceiling, making it a nice and clean line, and also painting the base trim that will be installed after all the flooring is in.  They did a great job and it was nice to have new folks join us!

Keith was also working away another Saturday and helped finish off the wall trim.  That line being perfectly straight is so important and he just has that gift of being able to take a paint brush and make it look so easy!
Rob returned by mid day.  Bless his heart -- he had another job to do in the morning and still came to help out at Michael's!  That servant heart spirit --- and I think he likes being there with all of us and laughing and having such fun.  He spent his time mounting both of the wall mount sinks in the bathrooms.  These mount directly on the wall and have nothing underneath them making it easy for Michael to roll freely and pull himself up and underneath the sinks.  He got a kick out of deciding which faucet to put in which bathroom. 

It was a busy day.  It was a fun day.  It was a day where Michael was smiling all day -- and that's priceless!  It was a day of sharing and laughing and enjoying every step of the progress.

Oh yea -- I spent the day there installing the window trim and then getting the nail holes filled and touching it all up with paint.  And if I do say so myself --- it was beautimous!!!    :)   I had fun actually getting in and doing some work myself and putting up trim is what I know and love to do.  Monty was a dear and "loaned" me all his tools to get the job done.  And he's not even that upset that I went off and left his nail gun and the hose to the compressor there!!!!!!  Hopefully Rob noticed and will bring them to church tomorrow --- or else I'll be making another trip very soon!

We are moving forward and getting closer and closer . . . what we need now is the funding for Michael's flooring.  That flooring must be installed before the kitchen cabinets and appliances, before the toilets and before the base trim.  Basically everything else rides on the flooring funding coming in and getting installed.  We already have the people ready to install, our church secretary, her daughter and husband volunteered for the job a long time ago.  And we have others wanting to help them.  We just need the funding to purchase it.  We all know God has it all ready and we're excited to see where He has it coming from!!!

Until next time . . . many thanks to Bloomington Baptist and to everyone who hears God calling them to help --- and obeys the call!

Blessings and love,                     Susan and Monty

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