Thursday, January 19, 2012

Better, Belated and Boldly Standing . . .

My mom is better!  I went to visit her yesterday and was happy to see she is doing better.  She even walked to the barn lot with me for a quick visit with one of my brothers.

Tuesday was my dad's 81st birthday so when I went yesterday I brought a small cake.  He never cares much about anything written on it because he removes all the icing before he eats it!  No wonder he's so thin!!!! 

And surprise --- one of my daughters came over while I was there!  She was in town on business and brought her lunch to Mom's and we all had a fun and quick visit!  God's perfect timing!

I also talked with Michael today and that's where the "boldly standing" part of my blog title comes in.  We are at the end of the funding we had and are boldly standing on the promise of God to provide what we need right when we need it!  Last Saturday Rob was the only volunteer who went to help so today I sent an email to our church secretary asking her to send an email to everyone she has on her mailing list updating them on our plans for this Saturday and our needs.  Scripture boldly tells us "we don't have because we don't ask" so . . . we are asking!

We are at the point where we need additional funding to complete the skirting.  Monty got nearly 3/4ths of it donated but we need a bit more to finish the job.

We are also in need of funding for the flooring.  That is our next step.  We are putting in the wood flooring that is easy to install and will be just what Michael and his wheelchair need to roll freely throughout the entire house.

And then the next step will be installing the kitchen cabinets and counter tops.

We are getting so close and each day Michael has to stay in his old trailer and haul wood back and forth just to stay a little bit warm is getting more and more difficult.

We need YOUR help!!!!  If you are able and would like to help us out (nothing is too small and for sure nothing is too large) you can leave a comment here or you can just send your donation to the address listed here in the very top of the blog.  Please be sure and attach a separate note (IRS requirements) stating 'DISASTER RELIEF' and you will receive a tax donation receipt.

Without YOU this will not be possible!

Thank you ahead of time for your hearts of love and service and obedience!

Until next time . . . we're blessed to be a blessing to others!             Susan and Monty

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