Thursday, January 05, 2012

Every Which Way

Just a couple of days ago the snow was blowing so hard it looked like a blizzard outside. Tomorrow the temps are supposed to be in the mid 50's! 

When you have weather like this combined with a Chinese Crested Hairless dog and find a sweater sale at Walmart you have one very happy dog!!!!!  Now come on -- I know you can see that big smile all over his face!!!   :)

As you read this blog it will seem to be "all over the place" . . . but thus is my brain today!

Michael had an angel show up yesterday.  Mark, a painter friend that I have know for years, showed up and put the finishing touches on the walls.  I didn't know he was going, Michael didn't either, but just when we were a bit "stressed" about getting those walls just rigght --- God stepped in and let us know (once again) that He has is all under control.  Mark will be back on Saturday and will not only top off the walls but will most likely finish the priming and most of the painting!  Thank you Lord!

Today I was able to get the bath lights, the kitchen light and the outside lights for Michael.  They can be installed on work day this Saturday.  Thank you again, Lord.

Tomorrow I will be helping my daughter and son in law move into their new home.  That is -- as long as the final inspection (in 15 minutes) will bring about the certificate of occupancy!  All the plans are in motion, the boxes are packed, the walls are bare, the kids will be at their other grandma's for the night, even the dog is taken care of --- all hinges on this inspection!  I think I will thank the Lord ahead of time!!??

I popped on Facebook to find that my childhood best friend (and still is) needing some pretty powerful prayers!  Seems her father had a severe stroke and her daughter had a miscarriage -- all in the same day!!!!  Her dad is doing a bit better but the daughter is struggling!  Let's all hold all of them up in prayer!  Love you Denise!

Saturday I will be traveling (early morning) to our friends, Terry and Cheryl's, to pick up the trim for Michael's house.  They are donating it!!!!!  Remember -- they are the parents of 10 children and they are donating to Michael!!!!!  Isn't God amazing!!!!!  I look forward to seeing them again although I must make it a quick trip so I can get back and get it delivered to Michael so he can start staining and finishing it.  That's okay because we will get to see them and spend a wonderful evening with them next Saturday night when we all go to my parent's house to celebrate all the birthdays in the month of January!  (my dad will be 81)  Should be a fantastic time!!!

Our next door neighbor was taken by ambulance to the hospital yesterday afternoon.  Rudy has been battling with cancer for a very long time and when they took him out on the stretcher my heart sank!  I know the man can't weigh 75 pounds -- no exaggeration!  They were hoping to do something to strengthen him -- we know prayer is the best means of strength so please cover him also!  Cancer is so mean!

Don and I are still waiting to hear from Monroe and his team.  Waiting isn't something I am very good at and definitely something I don't like to do!  But God and His perfect timing . . . so I wait anyway!

Our dear friend Del called me this morning with a friend also in trouble.  Seems they are tangled in the web of alcoholism and jail and that nasty merry go round and are in need of help, guidance and prayers.  They are young and searching . . . let's pray for them - for guidance that leads them straight to God - the perfect healer and miracle worker!

I have an aunt that isn't doing well either, physically.  She and her husband moved into a retirement community just a few weeks ago and the whole family thought she would flourish there.  Seems he is but she isn't.  She is nearly 89 years old -- but . . .

I tried to tell you --- thoughts scattered all over the place --- welcome to my brain! 

Until next time . . . we all have enough to pray for . . . and God is always listening!   Our deepest thanks to all of you for caring, for praying, for loving, for just being who and what God called you to be and do!                        Susan and Monty

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