Saturday, January 07, 2012

2 BIG Days! 2 GOOD Days!

Yesterday was a very busy day!  I helped my daughter and son in law get most everything moved into their new home!  It was also quite the experience since the workers were trying to still get things done, things that should have been done weeks ago, and thus most of the things we moved had to be stored in their garage!

I don't know how many trips we made, I don't know how many times I lifted boxes and things into and out of my truck, I don't know how many trips I made going upstairs and downstairs -- but it was a great day and even though things had to be "rearranged" a bit and they couldn't stay there all night because the water meter wasn't in and thus no water -- the day was a big one and it felt good to work late and get the new kitchen and pantry all arranged!  As the 3 of us sat on the family room floor eating pizza right out of the box we laughed as they remembered they did exactly the same thing the first night in what is now their old house! 

The movers were to come this morning to get the bigger things and I have not talked with them today to see how things are going but the "no news is good news" is what I will believe till I can stop by tomorrow.

This morning also started quite early for me.  I was up and out and headed to Terry and Cheryl's to pick up all the trim for Michael's house.  This family is filled with angels as they donated all the trim!!!!!  My truck was weighed down with most everything we will need!  They even had the red flag to hang off the end since I had 6 feet of trim hanging off the end of my tailgate!!!!  I got to visit very quickly with them but will have more time when we all get together at my parent's house a week from now to celebrate the many birthdays in this month.

From there it was another hour on the road to deliver the trim to Michael's.  It was great to pull up and see Monty and Rob working on the skirting, Keith working on installing light fixtures and Mark doing what he is an expert at -- interior priming and painting!  I laughed at the thought that when I first met Mark probably over 20 years ago he had a paint brush and roller in his hands!!!  He worked miracles and the inside is absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Monty had about half of the skirting complete when I left mid afternoon and is tossing around the idea of returning tomorrow to finish since the weather is so nice and we need that thing buttoned up before any further cold weather comes in!  He can praise and worship while he's finishing skirting!  :)

 Mark doing the painting in the hallway area.
 Monty working on the skirting on the back side of the trailer.
 Rob working on the skirting on the end.
Keith installing the exterior light fixture on the back.

Two very busy and very awesome days!  Seeing the smiles on my kids faces, seeing the smile on Michael's face -- and seeing the love of God and His blessings being poured out on everyone involved everywhere ----------- priceless!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . we keep moving forward ---- all the way around!              Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Oh it is so exciting to see it all coming together! Fun to hear how your day went after you left us this morning. Can't wait till next Saturday!!!