Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to welcome Minnesota team

Yes, late last night I made the flight back to Texas. Both links of the flight were smooth and I enjoyed watching all of the city lights below.
Sleeping was something that didn't happen much -- I don't unwind easily, especially when not feeling well. But I did get to spend a part of the day with 2 of my kids and rode to the airport, complete with a teary goodbye!
It was up (not so bright) and early this morning. The Minnesota team arrived late Sunday night and Monday Monty had them work in the warehouse and creating a new kitchen pantry inside the church. They did a wonderful job and took a part of the afternoon to travel into Galveston to see what awaited them today.
They are working on 3 different jobs, all of which are quite dusty and a mess!
Part of them are at Marie's where they continue the gutting of flooring, walls and ceilings. Marie is right there with them every step of the way and is really enjoying watching them. One of the guys said he has fallen in love with her and wants to take her home!!!! She's pushing 80 and he is in his late teens!!! I think I see God's hand!?
Another part of them are at Paul and Susan's home removing all of the subflooring inside the home. The water completely destroyed it and as Paul is seeing for himself -- all those extra hands can really cut down on the work and the amount of time it takes to get it done. Susan had some yard things also needing done. Everyone there is realizing what these homeowners and families have been through.
The final part of the team is at Sandra's home where they are also completing the gutting process and taking down some of the now dead trees. It seemed quite a shock to them that in order to get the home ready for rebuilding they actually have to make quite a mess!
I am anxious to hear the stories and see their faces when they return for dinner this evening. Many of this team are in their late teens and early 20's and are really getting their eyes - and hearts - opened up in a whole new way!
We continue to stand on our promise that if you come and help someone else after a disaster your life will be changed forever! God always has some special blessing for each individual that comes to represent Him!
With this year quickly drawing to a close it's always time to reflect on the past and see just where we could've done better, tried harder or reached farther. For every team of volunteers we have had over this past year I would imagine they feel they did do better, tried harder and reached further!! And they are right!!
Blessings to all and once again, thank you for all of your prayers and support! YOU are our life-lines and we are forever grateful!
Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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