Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back and forth and back again

So very sorry for not getting even a spare minute to explain why I have been off line this week.

On Monday morning Monty and I set off for Galveston to conduct a couple more interviews. We met with Ms Marie who I have spoken about before, she's living in her home with no power and refuses to leave. Well --- they should've started her new roof yesterday and through a series of miracles and local contacts we did get her to agree to leave home (nights only) for the next 2 weeks so the roof can be put on. It wasn't easy and she insisted she would be sitting in her yard every day, all day and only sleep at the Catholic church at night --- whatever it takes! We do plan on going in after the roof is on and finish gutting and major cleanup, with her supervision, of course!

From there we visited with Ms Saralynn. She relocated to Houston due to the damage and still has live black mold growing inside. We will also be returning there to finish the gutting and then see from there.

We were literally speeding back to camp because we were to load up a van, hook up a trailer and return to New Orleans to take down more of the camp. Phil and his son had already stopped at camp and each picked up a vehicle and trailer and were about an hour ahead of us. As it was, we didn't arrive in New Orleans until after 11pm.

The next morning came quite early and we were on site taking down the kitchen and tent where the volunteers slept. I was in such a hurry that I forgot my camera and I am sad because you just have no idea how extremely large this tent was! It took all day long to empty the kitchen, take down just the outside of the tent and start packing vans, trucks and trailers. We were blessed with great temps, even with the fog making visibility at zero! By the time we hit the bed that night we were exhausted.

But . . . yesterday morning rolled around and we were back at it. Monty was working the bobcat as fast as we could load pallets. We got the tent steel framing down and taken apart. The outback kitchen was completely dismantled and the walls are now piled on the ground. That involved taking out all the electric, doors and windows. I managed to take out the last window and have it fall on my head -- atleast there I wouldn't be hurt! And it didn't even break! I also managed to smack my own forehead with a tool used to pull nails leaving myself with a goose egg, bruise and cut! Graceful for sure?

I wasn't the only graceful one yesterday --- Phil managed to fall off the step ladder on to the ground --- unhurt, thankfully. Whoever said disaster work was easy???

But the camp is nearly down and although we will still be making a few trips after the holidays we all felt ALOT was accomplished over a 2 day period. And we all felt the helpful effects of some Naproxen to help us along! None of us are as young as we think we are -- and today we all feel as though we are approaching 100!

So -- again, I am sorry for not keeping you better informed and I thank those of you who emailed and thought we might be listed as "missing persons."

Too bad we couldn't be in 2 places yesterday also --- Convoy of Hope showed up with a semi load of items for us to use and distribute --- what an amazing blessing it all is and will continue to be! I received a call from the Spanish speaking Assembly of God church in Galveston just today and they are having a Christmas outreach party this Sunday and wondered if we had anything we could donate to them --- do we ever!!! They will be here tomorrow to start picking up things!!! Thank you Convoy --- you all are awesome!!

And on Tuesday, while we were away --- Diane hopped her plane and headed home for the holidays --- and hopefully some much earned rest?? When she left here she was enjoying the warm temps and said it has taken her 2 days to get "unchilled to the bone." And they are expecting yet another winter storm tomorrow!!

As you can see --- this week has had enough activity for 3 weeks -- and it's not over yet!

Another update --- my brother came through his surgery just fine and is resting at home. Thanks to all of you who kept him in your prayers!!

Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

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