Friday, December 12, 2008

Home Visit Day

You might need to click on the first photo to enlarge it and get all the detail. Yesterday they returned the space shuttle to NASA, which is located just a couple miles from us. It was an amazing sight as they flew it over the area a couple of times, just to let us "plain folks" see the wonder of it all! The chase plane was right with it the entire time. Like I said -- amazing to see!
Yesterday we also welcomed a couple of gentlemen from Las Vegas, Nevada. They will be putting together a team and coming to work in January. After getting a good nights rest they headed south, into Galveston, to tour the area for today. We gave them some areas and some addresses where we have been working and most likely where we will begin the rebuilding process. That should give them plenty of information to take back home tomorrow and get the team fired up and ready to go. It was nice to spend the evening with them, sharing stories and getting to know each other better. When they return with the team it will be like family coming back!
Monty and I spent the day making home visits to clients who are likely candidates for rebuilding. There is alot of information that must be taken, releases of information and liability that must be signed and assessments of the homes that all take place within that home visit. Today we visited with Sandra and with Paul and Susan. You can see a photo of each home, of how the inside looks now. You can either see devastation or you can see the possiblities of rebuilding -- both are in there.
Each of these homeowners were blessed to be covered by insurance, both wind and water. Or you think they are blessed --- getting through the red tape of each is quite the process and that is where we come along side them, helping them as much as possible to make sense of everything and to be aware of the resources available to them, both now and later. We hope to be able to come along side each of them and rebuild. They use the funds they receive to purchase the materials and we bring in the volunteers to provide the free labor. This not only stretches the dollar for them but it can make it possible for them to have a home again! It's not an easy task. It takes alot of preparation. It takes the funding to be in place. It takes the volunteers to come. But we all know that God is the author of the book and we just need to be ready, to be aware and to follow what it is He is putting together. After meeting with them, talking and getting to know them, explaining the tentative plan, we always take the time to pray with them. It's the beginning of a long lasting relationship and what God called us to do! We are blessed to be a small part in His almighty plan.
Diane is on her way back from New Orleans, vans and trailers in tow. We pray for safe travel for all of them. They should arrive anytime now. Pastor Nathan has called upon some of the church members to stay around a short time on Sunday and help us unload all 3 vehicles and all 3 trailers into the warehouse! We thank them for the extra hands, feet and strong backs!!!
On a side note -- I mentioned prayers for my brother who was having surgery the other day --- as he was headed out the door to the hospital he received a call that it had been rescheduled until Monday due to another emergency!!!! We thank you for the prayers and know Monday will go smoothly and he'll be fine!
Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

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