Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Time Out

This entry will be really short.
Due to the fact that we do not have volunteers for the next week and a half Monty and I will be taking some time to take care of some personal business. The blog entries will be off and on so don't be alarmed if there is not a new entry for a day.
We need to be able to spend some time with our church and with God. All of us need to feed our spiritual selves along with our physical selves. This is time for us to be fed and rejuvinated and refilled to continue to follow God's call on our lives.
We are so thankful for all of you reading and appreciate your support more than you know. Please keep us in your prayers and stay tuned as we will be returning on a daily basis soon.

I do want to let you know about 2 phone calls we received today. For those of you who are thinking that most of the work should be getting complete by now please read on.

The first call came from a gentleman who is trying to care for his 2 small children. He only mentioned that his wife isn't around all the time. He and his children have never left their house since the storm and yes, they did get flooded. They have no water and have not had water since the storm. He just got electricity the other day and someone gave him a refrigerator to keep some food in the house. They are going to his mother's place to bathe but she lives in a small apartment and has no room for them. He said he did take out the carpeting but that's it. When I asked him if they had black mold he said they did but each time it showed up he was just painting over it with primer! His roof still leaks and he said it only needed patched, that there are alot more people out there with more problems than he does so we should take care of them first and when we get a chance he could use a little bit of help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please keep this family in your prayers! We WILL be getting to him by the end of the month and he will be a priority!

The second call came from an organization that I have mentioned before, Project Recovery. These volunteers are out there literally pounding the pavement, reaching out and trying to help people on an emotional level. They are running into things no one could possibly imagine. We are combining our efforts with theirs and they called today to see if we could get some help to a family that is just returning to their home. They left before the storm and their home has just been sitting this entire time! I cannot imagine what it looks like inside! They cannot live in it and are with friends. It also will become another priority at the end of the month.

The point I want to make with these 2 stories is that it is NOT over, it is NOT slowing down and people DO still need help, desperately! This help comes from you, the volunteers and/or you, who are supporting us to be here and help! God has called us to do this work and we cannot leave here knowing how much there is to be done! I am begging you to think about how you would feel, what you would do, if you were walking in their shoes!!! "There, but for the grace of God, go I".

If you would like to help support us in this mission you can send your tax deductible gift to us through Vineyard Community Church at PO Box 3277 in Bloomington, Indiana 47402. Please note "Katrina" on your gift as all 100% is sent to this mission. We thank you for your giving hearts and pray God's blessings on you and yours.

Until our next blog entry....thank God for all your blessings....Love, Susan and Monty


Jeff said...

Dear Susan and Monty,

Your words this week have been so inspirational to me, and have really reinforced what the whole Easter season means. Christ gave His all for those He loved in order to have a relationship with us for all eternity. Your work is touching so many lives and planting so many seeds....it's just an awesome thing to read how God is moving and touching hearts. He is so incredible! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, joys, frustrations, and blessings....it has been such a blessing and an encouragement to me to follow along on your journey. Looking forward to seeing you at Easter. May God grant you a safe and care free journey. God Bless....Jeff K.

The Parkers said...

Monty and Susan,
It was such a blessing to have you back home. We are in awe of all you've accomplished in the past few months. Then again, knowing how big God's hand is and how He's blessing the people of Pascagoula through you, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if God had the whole city back on it's feet working hand in hand to rebuild each other's homes and lives.
It's so hard to say goodbye again we wanna go too!), but I know that it must be so for now. We are praying everytime we thing of you. We ask the Lord to bless you richly beyond all measure and to increase your borders that you may in turn share that blessing with all thoughs in need.
I can't wait to see what Gladys's house will look like when the crews are finished!
Blessing and grace through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
The Parkers