Wednesday, April 05, 2006

3 were saved tonight!

This tile was designed by young volunteers who took the time to break the tiles and create the pattern with 3 crosses. It is in a bathtub and the things sticking out are the plumbing pipes.

The crowd is all of our Ohio team at mealtime. The women, especially Sue, are cooking meals using crock pots and anything else they can find. Feeding over 40, after they have all been out working all day is not an easy task. She wants their last night, Friday, off so they will be going out! She has earned it!

Monty spent the day at our makeover house finishing up with the drywall and the actual finishing will begin tomorrow. It looks like we will have a crew who have experience in finishing, which is really important. Some of the others went over and planted some flowers on both of her porches and spruced up the yard area.

I spent the entire day on my hands and knees grouting the 2 nursery school room floors. They layed the tile yesterday and the grout is a special grout. The tile makes a floating floor so the grout has to be flexible. It comes out in a tube and is already colored. It is the consistency of caulk and just as sticky. With the help of a group of different women we got it done! My knees are most definitely not what they used to be 10 years ago! :)

Another group got the church hallways painted their second coat and yet another started laying the tile in the hallways. We are finally getting some real flooring! Living on concrete floors is getting old!

There were so many different groups doing so many different things that is was hard to keep up with all of them. What a great group of people! One group had been helping a neighbor lady with her storage area and they invited her for dinner and church with us! She brought a video of the hurricane that someone had taken from a parking garage in Biloxi and there truly are no words to describe what we all watched! Even the kids were speechless!

Our Wednesday evening church service this evening was awesome! Pastor Kenn started by telling us that we need to put the fun back into church again and had all of the kids, and then some "adults" participate in a chair game that had everyone laughing. He challenged all of us to use the power of God that is inside each of us! At the end of the service he asked if there was anyone who had never given their heart to God and would like to do so this evening---3 teens got up and it was amazing! He prayed with and for these 3 such a prayer that they must have felt it clear to the tips of their toes! He then took them with him into the congregation to pray for others who needed a touch from God! Such a powerful evening and seeing these 3 give their hearts to God and pledge to serve Him brought tears of joy! Afterward one of the girls said she wants to be baptized while they are here! Stay tuned to see if it takes place.

I want to thank those of you who noticed the "message" in last nights entry. Bless you for caring and for being so supportive. As I said last night, this blog is my heart being put in words. And this mission IS my heart!

If you feel like you are being called to help support us in our mission, please send your tax deductible gifts to us through: Vineyard Community Church at PO Box 3277 in Bloomington, Indiana 47402. Please note "Katrina" on your gift as all 100% of your gift is used to rebuild homes and lives here in Mississippi!

God bless all you and until tomorrow....we love you all. Susan and Monty


Penny said...

Monty & Susan
I know that you guys must be exausted the majority of the time but, please keep in mind that God will give you strength and wisdom to know when to take a break. I miss you guys and pray for you daily. I am back to work in school and Tristan should be home in a few weeks. God has surely blessed me in so many ways.
Stay Srong your doing a great job.

cheryl twineham said...

Hey I just wanted to thank you with having all the work for our youth group... I am so glad the kids got out and did their best to help people in need...God is working in their lives and I pray they keep turning to him..
We got in at 4:00 a.m. on Sunday we bypassed Nashville because of traffic and went though a bit of Georgia ,virginia,and west virginia...and then got up at 9:00 a.m. for church...
I had 3 girls spend the night and they got up to...I'm so very proud of them...Thank you Susan and Monty and Tim and Sherri... May God bless your ministry