Monday, April 10, 2006

It's finally here!

The church is starting to look like a useful place, notice our new tile flooring! This is down one of the hallways with the office we are operating out of on the right and the tool room on the left. Thanks so much to the Ohio group for their "back-breaking" work, literally!

The famous missing drywall truck finally arrived this morning! We were scheduled to receive 800 sheets and were blessed with an extra 50 that we had not planned on, neither had the driver! He told us how he was worried the entire trip as he was overweight with the extra 50 but Monty assured him that God was with him the whole way and no wonder he was not stopped! This entire load was 100% donated, all that was paid for was the freight! Praise the Lord! Seeing a business with such a giving heart is truly blessing! And the extra 50 will really bless another household! We already loaded 80 sheets this evening for a family, along with enough wall insulation to complete their entire house! The homeowner says he will cook up some fried catfish and "cat-head" bisquits? for us as his way to say thankyou! The bisquits are just very!!! large bisquits, according to him. :)

The entire morning was spent unstrapping and unloading the drywall and getting it stacked in the warehouse. Getting the truck's trailer ready to unload is a process in itself! And the driver was turning around to head straight back---to South Dakota!!!!!!

Monty and I then headed to Gladys's house as I had not seen it after the Ohio group left and I had not seen the drywall texture that Monty had sprayed on, his first texture job! I cannot tell you how awesome the place looks! It really is ready for primer, paint, doors and trim! He did great and you will see the transformation as soon as we can get the photos on here! God has truly blessed this house and everyone who has worked to get it back together! The hearts of the volunteers are so giving and they are even emailing us after they leave checking to see how things are going!

Coming here and volunteering is exactly what I have said before, life changing! Scheduling the time, making all the preparations, making the drive and then working your heart out when you get here is something that cannot be described properly. It MUST be experienced! My wish is that everyone would get to share in that experience and the blessings that come from it!

Tim and Sheri and Monty and I were talking this afternoon about what happens when you come here to this place and do this work. In order to come here you must have a heart of service, which requires you to open your heart. What happens in return is that once your heart is open it is open to also receive blessings! All of which bring you closer to the Lord and thus His joy.

Speaking of Tim and Sheri; please keep them in your prayers as they are traveling home over the next couple of days. Tim has a very important meeting on Monday that pretty much affects his entire future. We would ask that God's will be done and that they remain safe until they return in 2 weeks. They have been such a wonderful blessing to many people while they have been here and we thank them for their service.

Monty found himself spending the rest of his day working on the plumbing in our trailer. Without going into not too pretty details, these tanks MUST have water in them before using them for "certain" things. It seems the prior residents did not take this into account and therefore we have some "cement" in the tank that must be removed! You get the picture! :(
We have had a garden hose running through the door and have flushed and flushed and flushed some more and hopefully are on the road to recovery! All his years in wastewater have been a blessing! A blessing that I am not the one who had to do the work! :)

We are really looking forward to being home for Easter Sunday and getting "refilled" by our family and friends! God blesses us with being able to be here and doing this work but He also blesses us with family and friends and we need to see them and be refreshed in them. For all of you who know you fall into this category PLEASE call us, come and see us, and pray for safe travel for us! We love you all and you have no idea how much we miss all of you! For those of you who read this, please spread the word to those who might not and let them know how much we love you!

For those of you who would like to help support us in this awesome mission of rebuilding homes and lives here in Pascagoula, Mississippi you can send your tax deductible gift through our church at Vineyard Community Church at PO Box 3277 in Bloomington, Indiana 47402. Please note "Katrina" on your gift as the complete 100% is sent to us. We thank you for your giving hearts and pray your blessings come back to you ten fold!

Until tomorrow.....God bless you! Susan and Monty

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