Saturday, April 08, 2006


We're not the only ones who are tired after an 8 day run of over 70 volunteers! Tim and Sheri are too!

Does Bitty have a brother? Meet "Big Boy" who lives across the street and who is the reason people come running to me telling me my dog is out! :)

Our entire Ohio group left VERY early this morning, around 4am! It was eirily quiet when we went into the building. The Florida group of 10 is still here until tomorrow morning.

I spent the entire morning getting rooms cleaned up and ready for the next groups coming in 2 weeks. Even though the groups are great about cleaning up before they leave there is always alot more to do. We want to thank them for leaving the snack foods--they will come in handy!

The Florida group cooked a big breakfast and were kind enough to invite us to join them. They are a great group of guys. We thank them for sharing with us!

Monty was busy this morning loading floor tile for the pastor who lost their church and parsonage in the storm (the church that now meets in the tent). It is such a blessing to have an abundance and be able to share with another church!

The next project we tackled was the 2 adjoining rooms creating the daycare nursery. There was a plexiglass window between them that the director wanted removed. Monty got it out and started the process of framing it out and making it an opening betweeen the rooms. The doorway will also be framed out. We got the lumber and the primer coat on it. All that remains is getting it painted and put in. Probably Monday.

By around noon we had both hit a wall. I was so tired of being in this building and working and working and working that I really needed a break, and am not ashamed to admit it! When we were at our jobs at home we worked 5 days and 2 off. Here there can be no such thing as a day off unless you just make yourself take some time. We both needed some refreshing, some relaxation and just some time together. We went to the Ocean Springs beach, or what's left of it. We could walk with the dogs and just let the water and sand run through our feet. The rains of this morning blew through and the sun was nice and warm and it was the sort of afternoon we both needed.

This evening we went down to the beach area and found some palm trees that we could get some branches from to decorate the church for Palm Sunday tomorrow. The branches are huge and it only took a few to do what we needed.

For some, tomorrow is the beginning of Holy Week. With Palm Sunday, Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and Easter all in one week it is a busy week, a week of reflecting, a week of emotions. It is a time for all of us to think about just how blessed we are and how thankful we should be for what Jesus did for us! It puts everything else into perspective!

Please keep our Ohio group in your prayers as they will not be arriving home until after midnight this evening and have had a very long day of traveling.

Thank you all for reading and sharing with us in our mission. Please keep in mind that this journal always comes from my heart and is quite personal to me. Sharing it with all of you is a blessing to me and hopefully to all of you too!

Please remember that the only way we can remain here doing what God has called us to do is through your support. We don't get paid for what we do but we still have bills from home and expenses while we are here. Without your gifts of support this mission would not continue. To send a tax deductible gift, whether it be a one time gift or a monthly one, you can send it to our church; Vineyard Community Church at PO Box 3277 in Bloomington, Indiana 47402. Please note"Katrina" on your gift as all 100% of it comes to us to use to follow God's call on our lives. We are so very thankful for your love and support.

Until tomorrow...attend the church of your choice tomorrow and celebrate Palm Sunday, the day Jesus rode victoriously into Jerusalem. And reflect this week on how the coming week played out for Him....Susan and Monty

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