Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Goodbye Scott!

After being here for nearly a month, being involved in so many projects, heading up the teams in the extreme makeover house and just becoming a part of our family, Scott left for home today. Home is California although he will only be there for a couple of days before leaving for Costa Rico where he will be heading up another mission project. He had such a powerful impact on so many people during his stay here and we will truly miss him. He has such a servant heart and we pray God's blessings on him, wherever he goes and whatever he does.

There is an "issue" that, sad to say, must be addressed. It has been brought to our attention that our mission here is not truly understood by some people who are reading our blog. This blog was created as a personal journal, a place to not only share what is happening here but also our hearts. It is a way to keep our friends and family close to us and to encourage others to come and help the hurricane victims rebuild their lives and communities. This is in no way a "vacation" for us, this is us answering God's call for our lives. Yes, we live in a FEMA trailer, one that belongs to the church. Yes, we have taken 2 days away in the past 2 months that we have been here. Yes, we eat at restaurants as there are no cooking facilities at the church and the trailer is more than difficult, let alone having the time to prepare meals. No, we are not using monies that would otherwise be used for the victims, we use our monies for the victims. For you to criticize, to belittle, to scrutinize and to be just plain rude is not only hurtful to us but to the victims of the hurricane! Maybe you have been reading the blog but you definitely have not really been reading it, with your heart! I will not apologize for anything we have been doing or will do. We are being guided and directed by God! Yes, we are human and sinful but with God on our side we will succeed. Now, I have already spent too much time and air space even acknowleging this "issue" and it will not be addressed any further. If you do not like what you are reading then just simply DON'T READ IT!

Our Ohio team is making great progress with the makeover house. They have all the sheetrock up and the first coat of tape and mudding done. The kitchen cabinets are all painted, changing them from the dark stain to a beautiful light sand color. It looks as though the finish coat may be completed by the time this team leaves! Amazing! Landscaping will begin tomorrow.

Our roofing crew did another house today. When they set their minds to roofing they don't let anything get in the way! 2 roofs in 2 days and another scheduled for tomorrow. What a blessing! When someones roof needs replaced it needs to be done first because there is no need to do anything on the inside until the leak is stopped. Thanks guys, you're awesome!

Another part of the Ohio team has been laying tile in the nursery rooms in the school. The nursery has been displaced for months and they are getting a waiting list. 2 of the 3 rooms will be completely done by the end of the week. The sinks and counters will be hooked up and set, the ceiling fans with lights will be installed and the infants can finally be back in their rooms. The 3rd room still needs the ceiling sheetrocked and then it can follow. They also started the tile in the hallways and did some prep work on some of the rougher areas on the floors. Myself and a couple of other women will start with the grouting tomorrow.

Still another crew worked on cleaning up a neighbors yard and helping her get things moved into her storage barn before the authorities come and push her house to the ground. She lives alone and these volunteers did things she couldn't have gotten done without them. They are the same ones who will be doing some landscaping at the makeover house tomorrow.

This is only the 2nd day with this crew and they have 3 more to go. Their progress is such a blessing and we are so thankful for them. Quite a few of them were here in January and felt compelled to come back. This time there are over 40 of them! Once again, amazing! Thanks to all of you!

Everyone on all of these crews lets their light shine! They open their hearts and allow Jesus to move them. They open each morning with devotions and prayer and close the day the same way. They are all ages and willing to do things they may have never done or know they don't really like to do, but they do what is needed, above and beyond! The Bible says, "the joy of the Lord is my strength" and they all are perfect examples of that verse!

For those of you who would like to support us while we are doing this work please send your tax deductible gift to: Vineyard Community Church at PO Box 3277 in Bloomington, Indiana 47402. Please note "Katrina" on your gift as 100% of your gift is used to rebuild the hurricane victims homes and lives! We thank those of you who have already given, without you this mission would not be fulfilled! God bless all of you!

Until tomorrow.....Susan and Monty

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WillieGillis said...

Keep up the good work. We miss you and love you.