Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Past Relationship = "Floods" of Joy

MANY, MANY thanks to Cheryl for sending me this photo -- I am still kicking myself for not bringing our camera which meant Cheryl is the one taking this and not in the photo --- next time!!!

Quite a few weeks ago we got a comment on the blog from someone I didn't know -- someone from Monty's past. She had somehow found us and was interested in what we were doing. She told us all about her family, complete with 10 children! Through a series of emails Cheryl invited us to their home for some time with the children and dinner. They live about an hour from us and finding the time when both our schedules would permit wasn't easy but last night was that night.

We arrived late afternoon which allowed us some time with the children -- and with 10 of them it takes some time! :) We were also able to find out just how Cheryl did find out about us after, well --- let's just say it's been almost 30 years since she and Monty had seen one another. The puzzle pieces were filled in as the room filled with conversation, questions and laughter!

Watching that many children do what they do was incredible! The older girls preparing the meal, a German feast!!!! made me think they should be doing a cooking show on TV!

When Dad got home dinner was served and the joy and laughter around that table had to be a small taste of what it will be like when we get to heaven and are seated at God's big table!

After the meal the children took turns singing songs and playing their instruments for us! They told us how they travel to churches to sing and play and now I see why they are in such demand! It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart hearing them! And what a way to celebrate Good Friday!

After dinner we showed them some of the videos we have of our disaster work. It was a great time to tell stories of how God shows up and shows out and that if you feel God has called you to do something -- no matter what the world says -- do what He called you to do!

Before we realized it the time was nearing midnight and we still had an hour to drive home. It was really difficult to leave -- that family spirit and closeness is contagious and it just felt really good to both of us. I know God knew just how much we needed that.

As soon as we started home so did the thunderstorms! Lightning like I haven't seen in awhile accompanied by heavy downpours. And upon walking in our front door nearing 1:00am the tornado sirens started blaring! All was fine, just ALOT of heavy rains and more of the same forecast for tonight!

What did we learn from last night? More things than I can possibly write here but the main thing is that God is truly all about relationships and sometimes when you least expect it, with whom you least expect, He will bring about a closeness and joy and blessing that will blow your socks off!

Thank you Cheryl and Terry and all the children for opening not only your home to us but more importantly -- your hearts!

Until next time . . . remember tomorrow is Easter and let's all go to church and celebrate our real Freedom! Susan and Monty


Treasures from a Shoebox said...

We so enjoyed our visit with you and Monty! I'm sure the children will be sharing bits and pieces of last night with others for weeks to come. We were all captivated by Monty's testimony, your love and zeal for the Lord, and the work of this ministry. Praising the Lord today for bringing us all together in such an unusual way.

mblockhead27 said...

I am also from Monty's past. My parents, Dugan and Patty were friends. The last time I saw Monty he was struggling with Hepatitis. GOD IS AWESOME!!! I almost can't believe what I am reading. Thank you for what you are doing, and Priase GOD for his mercies and saving Grace. I hope that you have a Blessed Easter, and may the Lord bless you!

In HIS Love,

Michelle Callis Turner