Monday, April 04, 2011

Looking Ahead

Monty and his "uniform" needed for skirting mobile homes -- and the end result! His perfectionism is a gift -- the folks in the mobile home park are very happy!

Our weekend just flew by -- probably because of the wonderful weather. Sunshine and warm temps always make the time go by quicker. We spent the entire two days outside cleaning up our storage barn and tool trailer and Monty's truck. Or I guess I should say we "tried" to get them all cleaned --- 1 out of 3 completions isn't too bad --- considering how messy each one was/is!

Our Monday started off with severe thunderstorm warnings that combined with tornado watches. Each of those is with us for the duration of the day! Atleast I was able to get my granddaughter to her sitter and my grandson to preschool before the skies opened up and the rain came in downpours! Such a day gives me the time I need to grade the homework of our missions training school students and put together a few more plans for our upcoming trip to Ecuador.

Our students are really doing well and continue to amaze me with their homework! In the beginning we told them that they would each get out of this class exactly what they put into it and they listened and took it to heart! Their homework is well thought out and very insightful! We are really enjoying facilitating this school and thank God for the opportunity to teach others about missions and God's mandate to tell the world of His amazing love and forgiveness!

Of course, on a fun note --- tonight is the NCAA basketball championship game and we are so thrilled that Butler is in the final two! We live less than an hour from this school and will be cheering for a win!

As I look ahead to this week this is a glimpse of what I see -- so far:

tomorrow morning is Bible study with our missions class in the evening. It's also the day my youngest daughter gets back home and the day I hopefully get to see that big diamond engagement ring adorning her left hand!!!!

Wednesday is taking the kids to babysitting and school, stopping off for some bloodwork and xrays to check a few things, then back to babysit my granddaughter for the day.

Thursday is set aside for school paperwork and to hopefully talk with our tax man!! Pray for us!

Friday is the telethon for our local Crisis Pregnancy Center and Hannah House. Hannah House is the home for unwed mothers and this is the big fundraiser for them both. I am volunteering to man the phones for as long as they need me! If you know me at all you know that putting me on the phone is a good spot for me! :) Let's all pray they bring in more than enough and that God showers them with more than abundance!

Saturday is our spring work day at church and that evening is the banquet for what's called Genesis Shelter. Genesis church, along with the help of many local churches (Vineyard included) opens a shelter for the homeless during the spring and summer. Monty and I have volunteered to help out and have been through our training so now we wait for them to open. They are shooting for April 10th. We were't able to help last year since we arrived home in the middle of it and were trying to settle ourselves but this year we are looking forward to joining in. Please pray for the homeless, no matter where they are -- they are everywhere and it's our responsibility to care for them -- without judging them!!!

So this week is a busy one! Nothing new, all awesome and hopefully all to the glory of God!

May God bless you this week and until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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