Friday, April 29, 2011

Going? Staying? Waiting!

Everyone has seen the damage from the the storms and tornadoes that have struck all through the south and lower midwest areas of our nation. The worst since the early 1970's! Our prayers MUST go out for everyone in these areas -- and continue to go out as this won't be "ok" as quickly as it will be out of the news.

Now comes the question we are already being asked and will no doubt be asked many more times -- "are you leaving to go and help?"

The answer is "not now." God calls us and He also releases us from things and right now we have not finished what He called us to do here.

When we started our satellite branch of our missions training school back in January we made a commitment to finish it -- and that will be the first week of July. God called us to do this and He has not released us from its completion.

We are also committed to the upcoming mission in Ecuador in July. He called us to be His hands and feet in the construction of the church and we said "yes, send us."

Where we go from there is up to God. He will release us from these two commitments and He will call us to another.

For some ---this is very difficult to understand. For others --- it's easy because they are also following His calling and His timing.

It's not always easy for us. Like I said, our hearts go out to anyone suffering from natural disasters! We WILL be praying for the survivors and all those that God does call into the service of helping them rebuild.

We thank you for your support, your love and your prayers.

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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