Monday, April 25, 2011

Boots or Boat?

Easter --- what a glorious day! These are our grandchildren after finding all their hidden Easter eggs! The rains forced us to hide them all inside but they didn't care. Luke even told me last week that he was "practicing" finding eggs! Kids!!!!!

Speaking of rain !!!!!! I do believe we may need to trade in our boots and get a boat! Heavy storm after heavy storm has come through over the past days. Roads are flooded out and streets are holding water like never before. And more is in the forecast for tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday!

Monty is on his 8th straight day of working. He started a big project of removing and replacing the skirting on a mobile home along with seal coating the roof. The roof is done, the old skirting is off and I took it to the dump, the rails for the new skirting are on and he is hoping to get enough break tomorrow to finish up the job! He worked all day Saturday in the rain and hopefully will get that break tomorrow?!

I took on the job of mowing lawns here in our subdivision. And with all this rain -- I think I might need to replace the tires on the mower with skiis!

But on the bright side -- I don't think I've seen things this green in years! It's beautiful!

We do hope all of you enjoyed Easter yesterday! Our church service was fantastic and even "more better" since we closed with baptisms! I love it when we close that way -- what a celebration to go out on! Some of the children's church did an Easter skit for us that was awesome -- and as always -- brought cheers and joy to all of us watching! Those teachers do such a great job and should get alot more credit than they do! I think God has special crowns awaiting them in heaven. Jesus had such a love for children while He was here on earth and they are our future! The kids in our church make me believe our future will be just fine!

Tomorrow is my Bible Study and hopefully a bit more information on our trip to Ecuador. I have all the forms ready to begin our Volunteer meetings. Putting this together has alot more details than planning something here on US soil! I picked up our donated tent and sleeping bags this morning. A couple in our church gave them to us and we are so thankful as we don't have anything like that! What a blessing!

My next project is to put together a few pictures and make some calls to local churches to see if we can come and tell their congregations about this upcoming trip. We are hoping to raise awareness, volunteers and funding. Please keep us in your prayers!

Until next time . . . anyone know where I can find the plans Noah used to build the boat?????

Susan and Monty

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