Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dealing with the government!!!!

I needed this picture -- taken in December of 2009 while Monty and I were in San Antonio. After spending literally hours working with taxes here and documents there and forms elsewhere . . .

We all know this is the week all our taxes have to be completed. We sent our off to the tax man the first part of February but I didn't receive anything until today -- the same day I also received our property tax statement that has a BIG mistake on it --- which caused the amount due to be 6 times higher than it should be! Guess who will receive my first phone call tomorrow morning!!!

Then I had a form that had to be completed and could only be done online. No problem, I did it on Monday afternoon and after all 8 pages were filled out and the payment being entered I was ready to push the "submit" button -- and away it went --- or I thought so. It then gave me a screen saying there was a problem on their end and gave me a phone number to call. Of course it was after hours by that time so today I made the call ----many calls!!! Turns out there's absolutely no record of my paperwork but the payment sure enough went through! And now I have to do the paperwork all over -- and pay the fee --- again --- and they can't even start the process of refunding the first payment until I fax over a bank statement showing the deduction.

Frustrated???? You bet!!!!!! But tomorrow is another day -- I pray it's a bit smoother!

Yesterday was more than a busy one! Bible study in the morning followed by a meeting about the Ecuador trip. We covered so many questions and I was able to provide Pastors with a list of information we hope they can bring back with us on their trip. They leave tomorrow. As soon as they return we will begin holding "general information" meetings for anyone here locally interested in the trip.

I had to make one more stop on the way home, which ended up taking nearly 2 hours so both Monty and I got home just in time to wash our hands, let the dogs out and head to our missions class. It was a great class teaching us in depth about ethics, character and integrity. Wow! It had our heads spinning and brought about some great conversation!

So the past couple of days have been pushed for enough time -- Monty is working on rebuilding a mobile home and has the skirting done, the deck done and another one jacked up and ready to be moved before starting on the remodel of the inside! Not enough hours!

But . . . standing on the promises of God to always be with us we know tomorrow is a new day, a day to praise our God with. Today I am praising Him for forgiveness! What about you?

Until next time . . . blessings to all. Susan and Monty

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