Thursday, March 17, 2011

She's ready to meet Jesus

I don't know where this week is going? Can it really be Thursday already?

Backing up . . . our Tuesday night missions class was awesome! The teaching was packed with so much valuable information that we all could have stayed around talking for hours! It focused on 21st Century Missions and how we must change with the changing times. So many more things were brought to light for me and things I know God placed directly in front of me to use on this upcoming trip to Ecuador. We also were blessed when the wife of one of our students brought pizza dinner in for everyone! Many thanks to Del and Jean!

Wednesday brought a taste of spring to all of us! Monty was off and running quite early. He had received a phone call from a little elderly lady the night before saying the skylight on her mobile home was leaking. She had been referred to Monty by the park owner who had seen one of the skirting jobs Monty had done. Monty had also made a visit to his office letting him know that if anyone in the park needed help with anything . . . thus the phone call. She had no idea what to do but he reassured her he would be there the following morning to check things out. She couldn't believe he wasn't going to charge her a fee to just come and look!

So off he went. He's always said God puts little elderly ladies in our path and he's always right! He said she was "quite" elderly and in very poor health. He climbed up on the roof to find a seal around the skylight was cracked so he headed to get the parts to do the repair. Within a short time he had it resealed and she was one very happy lady. When he only charged her for the parts she was happier -- and in disbelief. Monty took the time to visit with her and to pray with her. He said she was ready to meet Jesus and was such a joy to visit with! Ministry at its finest once again!

I spent most of the day putting together odds and ends for Ecuador and the volunteers who will be building the church. Forms and more forms with letters of basic information and more forms and more information. Like I said, I don''t know where the time goes.

Today we had an early morning meeting and once again Monty headed off to work. This time his step dad called and needed some help moving a mobile home. It's a great day to be outside as spring is even closed today -- or atleast feels like it with the temps pushing 70!

I got the joy of babysitting my grandchildren this afternoon. We had lunch together and the littlest one decided it was just too nice of a day to waste time taking a nap! Outside they headed and just in time for Mom to take the rest of the day off and come home. They were waiting on Dad and then headed to the park!

It seems we are going in many different directions lately. God is stretching us, teaching us and preparing us for the next step -- whatever that might be. As long as He holds the planning book we're okay. It does break our hearts to watch what all is happening in Japan and we beg of you to please keep them all covered in your prayers! This is a disaster of many proportions and we all need to let those who are experts get in and do what needs to be done. They all need constant prayer and if we all band together the power of those prayers will be unsurpassable!

Until next time . . . blessings and peace! Susan and Monty

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