Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Big Tuesday

Tuesdays are always quite busy for us. This one is no exception. Bible Study this morning was power packed and filled with blessings and thoughts to carry throughout the day, week, year and life. When Pastor Martie entitled her message "Pitch Your Tent in the Land of Hope" I had an affirmation from God ring quite loudly in my ears. One of the things we are working on for our trip to Ecuador in July is how and where to house the volunteers. We are doing construction on the side of a mountain at over 10,000 feet elevation! There are no hotels, no bed and breakfasts, no power and no running water! As I have been working on this a suggestion was made that the volunteers bring their own tents! At the time I did think it was the perfect solution and when she gave the title to her message this morning God affirmed that it IS the answer I have been looking for! That mountain will indeed be transformed into a mountain of Hope and each volunteer that comes will be Hope in the physical sense! As I returned home and got on the computer to email a document to the gentleman taking care of the website for the church (stonegatefaithcenter.org) I found an email that I have been waiting on for weeks! Our dear friend from West Virginia (who has since moved to Florida) who was responsible for the building of Ms Faye's house in 5 days back in March of 2007 (you can go back through the blog to read all about it) contacted me to say he is definitely interested in Ecuador and will be less than an hour from us next week, on a business trip! We drew up the "design" for Ms Faye's house on a napkin while having dinner one night and I feel another one of "those" nights coming up! And now we are in last minute preparations for our missions training class tonight. We are doing an in depth study of one of the assigned books, "Go to the Ripe Fields First." This is a great book and I know each student will be blessed with this teaching. Not to mention blessed by all the snacks that have started appearing each week! After all, food always makes the evening better, doesn't it! So, another Tuesday filled with blessings, relationships and God speaking out with the things we need. I am so thankful that we don't have to "figure this stuff out" all by ourselves! How about you? Stuck on something? Have you asked God? If so, have you been quiet enough to hear His answer? Until next time . . . continue to be blessed and be a blessing! Susan and Monty

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